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  1. Guest

    Null & Void Vote

    At a previous meeting, a member made a motion to recall an officer. Everyone was shocked, and the Chairman didn't know what to do and allowed the motion to remain on the table, seconded, and voted on. It passed with a majority, as the one member bringing the motion had enough votes by themself, after some abstentions. Afterwards when checking Robert's Rules, it was realized by the recalled officer that this type of vote should have had prior notice and a 2/3rds vote, neither of which happened, thus making the vote null and void. If a Point of Order is brought up at the next meeting, and upheld by the Chairman, should the original Motion be deleted from the minutes, or crossed out with a note? There is no opportunity now to remake the motion, as the officer's term of office was finished at the last meeting. Or is there another way to clean up this matter?
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