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Found 5 results

  1. I'm the president of a non-profit board and chair at the general and executive board meetings. The secretary was absent. Minute Taker #1 left midway through the meeting. So I asked Minute Taker #2 to continue taking the minutes. After the meeting the minutes were gathered to be delivered to the Secretary. Before the next meeting, I asked Minute Takers #1 and #2 to coordinate with the Secretary to prepare the minutes for the next meeting. However, I got no response. Due to some tension that surfaced, I had an inkling the minutes would not be produced at the next meeting due to the unresponsiveness when I asked for them. So, I prepared the minutes. At the next meeting, when I asked the Secretary to read the minutes, the response was "there are no Minutes." After some debate, they lied and said no one took minutes. So, I produced the minutes I typed up and after some debate, they were read. Though no one objected at the content of the minutes, they have objected that I was the one who wrote the minutes. When I asked whether or not the minutes would be approved as read, the only objection is "No, because you wrote them." I have informed them that if they object, they have to offer a correction in writing to attach to the minutes. But no one wants to correct anything. Finally, someone moved to vote whether or not to approve the minutes at the next meeting. The vote carried. At the next meeting, the same thing occurred. Only that time, I indicated we could not approve of the subsequent minutes until the prior minutes were approved. They protested that they didn't believe that was true and moved to not consider the minutes until it could be confirmed at the next meeting. At the subsequent executive board meeting, one of the members admitted to withholding Minutes Takers #1 minutes and now wanted to produce Minute Taker #1's minutes to be used instead of the Minutes written by me. Minute Taker #1's minutes are hand-written and not very detailed. Also, the person who withheld the minutes wrote some notes in her own hand-writing on Minute Taker #1's notes. Minute Taker #2's minutes have not yet surfaced. Minute Taker #1s minutes were not produced at the next board meeting though they had previously been emailed.. My questions are, what is the correct procedure for enforcing the Robert's rules and getting the minutes approved in this case? There are no corrections being offered, Is there a Robert's Rule that comes into play when there's been misconduct (i.e. withholding the Minute Taker #1's and #2's Minutes). Would it be appropriate to indicate, since there are no corrections the minutes are approved by unanimous consent (See RROO, pp. 354-355 and pp. 54-56)? Was it improper for me to offer the Minutes under the circumstances? If so, what would have been the proper procedure? Sorry about the length, but any guidance would be appreciated.
  2. I am curious how the below situation should appropriately be handled in meeting minutes: At a recent meeting run under RONR a motion was made, there was discussion, an amendment was proposed and there was discussion about whether or not to accept the amendment when the Chair declared that there being no objections the main motion as amended was adopted. There was an objection within less than one-second by one member to the use of unanimous consent as well as a call for the vote by another member. The Chair overruled the objections and declared the motion adopted. How is this handled in the meeting minutes and are there any other considerations to be aware of?
  3. Our organization has about 45 members, an 8 member board of directors consisting of 4 officers plus 4 additional board members. Our bylaws include the statement. “All business shall be conducted in accordance with Roberts’ Rules Newly Revised.” Our board of directors, at its own initiative, is in process of rewriting the organization bylaws. The intent is to replace current bylaws completely. The “committee” doing the rewriting was selected by the board of directors to be “members of board of directors only” – Is the committee member selection in compliance with RONR? (Committee selection appears to be in conflict with Chapter XVIII Page 566 lines 24 – 32. Page 593 line 19 indicates that the “completely rewritten bylaws” should be called a “revision”.) Assuming committee member selection is not in compliance, how can an objection be raised? Assuming an objection can be made, is the objection enough to prevent a “vote to approve” for the revision? Thank you for your help Richard Kaiser
  4. Guest

    Objection to Motion

    If a single board member objects to a motion after the board agrees to move the motion forward, how is it written down? i.e. "Ms.________ objected, without further objection, motion passed." "The objection is not sustained, motion passed." Thank you in advance. Susan
  5. Is it permissable to ask staff to leave when discussing staff compensation and performance?
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