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Found 2 results

  1. RONR p. 356, l. 5 ff says: "If an officer, in reporting, makes a recommendation, he should not himself move its implementation, but such a motion can be made by another member as soon as the officer has concluded his report." 1. Does it need a second, since there obviously is a second member (the officer) in favor of the motion made by another member? 2. If it does need a second, can the reporting officer second it? 3. Why is this "should not" rule in RONR? Thanks for any feedback! -- Paul McClintock
  2. I am part of a small board. I understand that opinion and commentary are not part of minutes. If such opinion or comment is part of an officer's (verbal) report, should it be included? Example: Officer reports that the budget for a raffle drawings was not enough to last the fiscal year, and states her opinion about the purpose of such drawings--which happens to contradict the published purpose. If the opinion is directly related to an action the officer is taking, should it be included? Example: Officer reports she will be absent for a future meeting and delegates one of her tasks to another member for that meeting, stating that she feels it (the task) is a service to members. Thanks for the clarification.
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