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Found 2 results

  1. Guest


    I am a newly elected councilman and I am just starting to learn the rules re meetings. I recently bought RR book, but it is a bit overwhelming. I have a quick question. We have an executive session re a matter tonight to receive legal opinion form our attorney on a very public matter. In the open forum afterwards, can I make a motion re this matter (if I received the info I needed) or can motions only be made on items placed on the agenda beforehand.... I am sorry I have a hard time understanding when and how a motion can be made.
  2. Considering "opening" our agenda to provide a forum for "new business" (as suggestions for discussions/exploration at future meetings), but concerned about opening Pandora's Box...not being able to manage/properly filter all of the ideas that come up during an open forum. Any best practices for providing this opportunity----without overwhelming staff/president with unecessary research/preparation for issues without timely strategic relevance???
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