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Found 11 results

  1. We have a club election coming up and I have a question about the order of business. Our chairman plans to hold the elections at the beginning of the meeting during the refreshments. I'm concerned about the distractions and uncontrolled chaos around the secretary's table that would make it hard to control ballots and verify eligible voters. We vote by written ballot;nominations were made at the last meeting. Two questions: Is it proper or advisable to hold elections in this environment? Absent a published agenda which our chairman has steadfastly refused to produce, does RONR of
  2. Guest

    Order of Succession

    What is the order of succession according to Robert's Rules and where is it found in Robts Rules? If office of President and President-Elect is vacant, what happens to board?
  3. If playing the national anthem, the pledge of allegiance and an invocation are all part of a convention's opening ceremonies, which one of the three is always last? I am aware of the protocol "God before country" which would make the invocation first, but between the other two, how can you tell which should go last?
  4. I am a member of an organization that meets annualy to handle business and to discuss changes to our governing documents (constitution, by laws, etc). The proposed legislative changes are printed in booklet form and distributed to the members (delegates) prior to the meeting for review and discussion. These proposed amendments are submitted by a specific deadline, reviewed and published ahead of time. This year, there were two different amendments for the exact same article (article: section: paragraph) proposed and published in the booklet. Both proposed amendments were voted on by the memb
  5. Our by-laws require that only the general membership can remove a director on our Board at a meeting of the membership that has a quorum. If consideration is to be given to removal at this meeting, the director to be removed must have written notice 5 days before the meeting. If a motion is made to remove him and it is determined he was not given notice of this intent, I believe the motion is out of order. Should that be called to the attention of the mover, before or after a second is made to the motion, or does it matter?
  6. In an organization I am in the bylaws say that we will meet at a particular time of the month. This last month the new president wants to change the time of the meeting. She did not announce in writing that we would be voting to change the time of the meeting. The bylaws says "unless ordered by the assembly" the meeting well be held at a particular time. My question is does the term "ordered by the assembly" mean? Would this be a 2/3 vote because the assembly was not told we were making a vote. or does it mean 1/3 vote which is what we use for votes outside of the votes to change the bylaws.
  7. My organization is about to have elections. How to we determine who speaks first between a challenger and an incumbent?
  8. I am chair of a local planning commission. One member of our commission is requesting that, once we close the public hearing, we allow discussion among the commission members PRIOR to a motion. Our municipal code clearly states that the current version of Roberts Rules of Order are to be followed by our governing body and all other boards and commission. Our legal counsel is also not comfortable allowing discussion prior to a motion - mostly due to the code requirements, I believe. This issue raises its head about once every six months. I have heard of other commissions and groups allowing
  9. We will have before us at the next meeting both a motion to rescind and a motion to amend, on the same previous decision. The motion to amend is in the board packet, while the motion to rescind has only been circulated by email. I understand that the motion to amend can pass with a simple majority while the motion to rescind will require a 2/3 majority. But does one motion take precedence over the other?
  10. I am a new school board member seeking a solution to a problem I have encountered. If we have an item on our agenda can we discuss it BEFORE a motion is made. My board currently does not allow discussion of an item of business until after a motion has been made and seconded. This leads to problems when particularly controversial or unclear issues are presented to the board. Is there a way to allow discussion to occur before a proper motion is made?
  11. Guest

    Order of meetings

    Is it possible to cover new business before old business? We have one topic of new and our old business will take a lengthy discussion followed by a vote. Is there anyway to revise the order of meeting just for tonight?
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