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Found 1 result

  1. A friend of mine has a vision of creating a new organzation. He called a meeting to gauge interest, and believes that enough exists. As it happens, there is a need both for somewhat extensive bylaws (and these will be hotly debated), and near-immediate action. Furthermore, he is nervous about holding funds for the prospective organization, let alone using them for definite action. I've read through the sections on mass meetings & organizing a society, as well as the general provisions regarding the bylaws. I'm going to be walking through the detailed explanation of the sections again, as I've not needed to avail myself of that in over a decade. His idea was to enact "temporary bylaws" in the upcoming meeting (10 days) and temporary officers so that bank accounts & etc could be established & that the permanent bylaws be adopted at the next meeting. I double checked, and of course there is no reference to "temporary bylaws". Moreover, RRO XI is explicit that it takes at least two meetings to organize a society, and that until the society is formally organized, no action can be taken on its behalf. The notice of the meeting, which he sent out three days ago, includes the following: "The Organizational Meeting of X has been set for Monday, July 16 at 6:30 p.m. at Y address. We will send out the agenda prior to that meeting, but the main purposes are to put in place what we need to start to operate our organization, and there will be announcement on a special guest who will speak on Z." It would appear to me that the situation could be treated as if the initial meeting of the organization has already taken place. Thoughts? My original idea was to use the skelton bylaws from RRO, and strip them down to the bare minimum, with a provision that the entire thing be up for revision at the next meeting by majority vote of those paid, present, and voting, and adopt them at the next meeting. Does this seem advisable?
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