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Found 2 results

  1. There will be a motion to amend the agenda, submitting a new motion under decision items. This new motion has been previously ruled as out of order, opposes charter and past organizational practice. Is the motion to amend the agenda also out of order? Or is the motion to amend the agenda considered separate from the merits of the new motion?
  2. A policy issue that added new rules to our Policies and Procedures was debated for four board meetings and a final policy was adopted and added to the P&P's. A board member wants to put on the agenda for the next board meeting that we amemd the new policy. I think this is a waste of time as the matter was settled and he had ample time to offer his proposed changes. I think that the Chair is within his/her authority to rule the request to put this on the agenda as out of order. Am I right or wrong? THANKS IN ADVANCE.
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