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Found 13 results

  1. I am fairly new to Robert's Rules and I can't seem to find an answer on this. Our local city council uses Robert's Rules but I'm not sure how to address what occurred the other night. There was a public speaking portion, four members of the public spoke. After the public speaking portion, the council President decided to address two of the speakers before getting into the agenda setting that the meeting was intended for. He immediately engaged in ad hominem attacks, calling one a liar and accused the other of misrepresenting facts. One of them spoke up, attempting to defend themself from this, was warned and fell silent, then was attacked again and spoke up again and was removed from the meeting. Technically, the member of the public didn't have the right to speak then, but the council President also was disrupting and delaying the meeting to dress down and, on the record, label these two citizens as liars. From what I understand, the President's speech would be considered out of order anyway?
  2. At a meeting of the General Assembly during which the board election occurred, a member who was unfamiliar with Robert's Rules interrupted the reporting of election results. In the minutes of that meeting, there is an asterisk next to the topic, "election of directors," and then, at the bottom of the page after the Secretary's signature, this reference, "John Doe raised his voice, repeatedly interrupting the Chair. The Chair rules John Doe's comments out of order and instructed him to be seated." The question is not whether John Doe was out of order, but if the reporting of this incident in the minutes as described above is proper. And, if not, how should this incident have been reported? Or should this incident have been left off the minutes?
  3. I am posting in here because we need major help with the way our meetings are run. I believe that nothing voted on in this meeting was valid, and then there's the whole other issue of administration chiming in when they should not have. The issues begin toward the end of the video. Please give your opinions
  4. Guest

    Meetings Decorum Q

    Could someone address this situation on decorum? At our last board meeting, there were about 12 homeowners present (first time ever for this board) and one homeowner started making loud angry comments aimed at me for my correcting the board president who was running roughshod on another board member's work. Suffice to say the president said nothing (I half believe she may even invited this angry woman who dislikes me) and let the personal attacks fly. In fact the home owners were asked their opinions a couple of times and where allowed to speak on board business. I don't mind that home owners were asked questions for their thoughts but to allow home owners with an axe to grind to yell and verbally attack a board member during the meeting is just wrong. What can be done about this president and her lack of action? The HOA's attorney and property manager were there and knows the rules about board meetings yet both said nothing. What are my options?
  5. Guest

    Improper Motion

    Our church voted last April to buy elements of a computer system that specifically included a brand of high-speed printer, a computer, and a [separate] computer display and unspecified other possible accessories, all for up to $4000 of reserve funds. Now nine months has passed without action and the board has placed a motion on the call to a meeting that includes a large-screen computer for up to $2500 of reserve funds. Without clarification, it would seem that this is an additional purchase that could be made under the active resolution and conflicts with it. Otherwise we could be purchasing a $6500 computer system. Is the new motion an improper motion because of apparent conflict with an active motion? Could the new motion be amended by a two-thirds vote to strike the funding and adding "under the computer system motion of April" in effect amending something already passed?
  6. during new business a member brought up a topic that was not on the agenda. At first the chair told member it was out of order as the member did not add it to the agenda at beginning of meeting when the opportunity existed. The subject was still discussed, motion made and a vote occurred. A few days later the chair e mailed all who attended meeting that this was out of order and would need to be put on agenda at a future meeting. 'Is this possible? Vote already occurred . and the opportunity to rule out of order was there at first vote
  7. For motions that require previous notice, I know that an amendment to the amendment cannot exceed the scope of the previous notice. However, is it out of order to ever amend a certain amount of money to a different amount if the motion requires no previous notice (i.e. a main motion). For example, for the main motion to donate $100 to charity, would is be out of order to strike out $100 and insert $500,000 or some other amount that is very different than the original amount?
  8. A member has called a special meeting, in accordance with our bylaws, through a letter to the officers. The letter states that they are calling a special meeting to "discuss our leadership structure." RR and our constitution state that only the stated agenda can be discussed at a special meeting. Since the member's letter only specifies "discussion," with no actionable item to be voted upon, would any voting outside of discussion procedure be considered out of order? If a member moved to dissolve the leadership board or dismiss an officer, wouldn't that be beyond the scope of the stated special meeting agenda?
  9. Although the Constitution and Bylaws state meetings are to be run in accordance with Robert's Rules, I am the first Moderator to do so in more than two years. Consequently, it is difficult to keep order in meetings due to resistance, but they are learning. There three situations I would like to know if there are Robert's Rules to use to deem them out of order. We have a pastor whos role is as overseer not a final authority. We are a congregationally lead body. 1.) This is really a bizare. This past weekend we had a final counsil meeting on recommended changes to the Constitution and Bylaws to present for voting. Members get a month to review it before voting on it. Our pastor what's to add voting people into offices on the agenda this week to get a head start on filling positions. I maintain that we cannot do so until the new organization and offices are ratified. But, he is insistant. This is beyond common sense to me, but I'd like to have rule I can site. 2.) We have been working on our Constituion and Bylaws for 6 months. Our pastor is great at thowing in renches during the meetings. However, as I have been applying Robert's Rules more and more this situation is becoming much less. We, the counsil, were working on an organizational chart. This has been going on for months. At this last meeting our pastor made a motion to seek professoinal consulting services. This was another stall tatic in my mind, but I was not certain I could rule it that way. So, I allowed the motion to be presented. It did not get a second, so it failed. Could I have ruled this out of order for stallaing decisions? 3.) The pastor just sent out an email with his interpretation of the meeting. It is nowhere what it should be. I was working on it and figued that was my responsibility since I am the Clerk as well as the Moderator. But he already published it so to speak. What is your advise to handle this situation.
  10. There was an instance where a member tried to pass a motion (which was made multiple times over the years with no success in passing) and the President called the Motion out of order. A second was shouted from the room and still the President refused to acknowledge the motion saying it was Out of order and he had instructions from the International to call the motion out of order. Next another member made a motion (which was a different motion but had a the same ending intentions) and the President refused to acknowledge his motion as well. Is what the President did allowed and does he have the authority due to getting instruction from a superior within the International? If is not allowed what is the solution or way to correct the Presidents actions.
  11. There were two motions made at a meeting last month. Motion 1: Moved that Section B be deleted from the proposed policy: "Children using X must be 14 years of age or under." This motion was defeated. Then the following motion was proposed, and it passed: Motion 2: Moved that Section B be amended to read, "Children using X should be 14 years of age or under." A member is now suggesting that the second motion is null and void, since it effectively counteracts the point of the proposed policy (i.e. keeping big people from using X), and the deletion of that policy was already defeated at that meeting. Is this a breach, and if so, was it necessary to raise a Point of Order at the time?
  12. Guest

    motion out of order

    Can a president rule a motion out of order? And if a motion is ruled out of order is it recorded in the minutes?
  13. Guest

    Speech before motion

    Hi, I'm relatively new to Roberts Rules but suspect that they were not followed yesterday, in a meeting at my college. The faculty was to vote on a controversial resolution; more than 130 people were present. Before the motion for the resolution was made, the provost took the microphone and gave a speech, arguing against the resolution. Was he out of order? Would it have been proper to interrupt him? If so, how? Thanks. Best, Elisabeth
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