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Found 4 results

  1. Hello. If a motion passed in a meeting where the Parliamentarian was not present and it is Out of Order, does a new motion need to be made or can it be overturned at the next meeting with the reason why it is Out of Order?
  2. I am fairly new to Robert's Rules and I can't seem to find an answer on this. Our local city council uses Robert's Rules but I'm not sure how to address what occurred the other night. There was a public speaking portion, four members of the public spoke. After the public speaking portion, the council President decided to address two of the speakers before getting into the agenda setting that the meeting was intended for. He immediately engaged in ad hominem attacks, calling one a liar and accused the other of misrepresenting facts. One of them spoke up, attempting to defend themself from this, was warned and fell silent, then was attacked again and spoke up again and was removed from the meeting. Technically, the member of the public didn't have the right to speak then, but the council President also was disrupting and delaying the meeting to dress down and, on the record, label these two citizens as liars. From what I understand, the President's speech would be considered out of order anyway?
  3. At a meeting of the General Assembly during which the board election occurred, a member who was unfamiliar with Robert's Rules interrupted the reporting of election results. In the minutes of that meeting, there is an asterisk next to the topic, "election of directors," and then, at the bottom of the page after the Secretary's signature, this reference, "John Doe raised his voice, repeatedly interrupting the Chair. The Chair rules John Doe's comments out of order and instructed him to be seated." The question is not whether John Doe was out of order, but if the reporting of this incident in the minutes as described above is proper. And, if not, how should this incident have been reported? Or should this incident have been left off the minutes?
  4. I am posting in here because we need major help with the way our meetings are run. I believe that nothing voted on in this meeting was valid, and then there's the whole other issue of administration chiming in when they should not have. The issues begin toward the end of the video. Please give your opinions
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