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Found 2 results

  1. Looking for clarification managing a deliberative assembly that requires a parliamentarian but currently cannot fill the position. In particular, we are in need of defining what constitutes 'debate'. When a main motion is on the floor, what kind of remarks are considered 'debate'? Is any member seeking the floor in regards to anything that is not a higher order motion 'debate'? Robert's Rules online (Art. VII. Debate. 42 Debate) states that in regards to an amendment, asking a question or making a suggestion does not constitute speaking, however, it offers no clarification on main motions. Further, in a deliberative assembly that has a formalized position for a parliamentarian but currently does not have the position filled, who is to be the interim parliamentarian? Is the Chair to assume the position or are they to assign a member of the assembly to temporarily assume that position? If a member of the assembly acts as interim parliamentarian, do they maintain voting and motioning privileges? Lastly, is the Chair within their right to expel or silence non-members of the assembly when the meeting is open to the public? Does that right extend if the Chair is seeking to expel non-members if those individuals are members of the organization as a whole but not of the assembly? E.g. President of the organization who is not a member of the assembly nor has voting, motioning, or speaking rights within the assembly. Robert's Rules of Order (12th) 9:29, 61:6-8, 61:19-20 have offered some help in regards to this. Please take into consideration that members of the assembly are not well versed in parliamentary procedure as this is a student run organization. The most well versed individuals are the current Chair and Vice-Chair.
  2. Does a Parliamentarian need to be asked to step in when a RROO is broken? Or should he stop the proceedings and say something is wrong?
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