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Found 3 results

  1. The chair appoints the parliamentarian [RONR, 11th ed., p.465, l. 30-32]. Question: How does the assembly get rid of that parliamentarian? The scenario is that the person appointed as parliamentarian is not a member of the assembly that is meeting, and has no rights to vote. The meeting is by telephone. The parliamentarian frequently jumps in and responds to people or speaks in favor or against motions people make. I attempted to get rid of the parliamentarian due to one issue that involved a dispute with the parliamentarian, who then responded that the chair can appoint thte parliamentarian and asserted his right to continue to be there since he was appointed. He always behaves this way. I can raise a point or order that he is supposed to be a consultant only when needed, and only speak on the most involved matters, but he'd assert it was an involved matter (on practically every matter). Most times the chair allows this take over and will agree to whatever the parliamentarian says (even when it's not advice on Robert's Rules, but arguments for or against motions). This is occurring at regular membership meetings and board meetings. How do we get this parliamentarian under control or removed from turning a meeting into his show? Or is the chairman's appointment something we are stuck with and can't override/ challenge? Would it work to create standing rules that the parliamentarian not speak unless asked by the Chair for their advice on a parliamentary question the Chair has (under penalty of removal from the assembly meeting area or to be ordered to disconnect from the phone meeting)? Or does this interfere with the right of the Chair to consult a parliamentarian?
  2. I have two questions: Does the parliamentaria of a society have the authority to respond to a point of order without being recognized by the Chair? Is there any recourse when in response to a point of order, the parliamentarian responds with inaccurate and incorrect information? Thank you
  3. I serve as parliamentarian for a small board. RONR p. 451. appears to preclude "a member of the assembly who acts as its parliamentarian" from casting a vote except in the case of a ballot vote. My question is this: If I am asked to rule on a particular motion from a parliamentary position, must I abstain from voting on the motion? Do I have to abstain from voting on ALL motions before the Board? What are the rules for having a Board member serve as parliamentarian? Does it matter that we operate under small board rules? Thanks for any help!
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