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Found 1 result

  1. Does Roberts Rules Of Order speak to whether or not business can be re-visited after the close of business, outside of and before another meeting? I belong to an organization whose parliamentarian authority states in writing, that Robert's Rules of Order governs meetings in matters not covered by our organization's rules. Our organization's rules state in writing that a proposed amendment is adopted if it has been approved by 2/3 vote of those voting. Following a recent meeting, a controversy arose. During said meeting, our parliamentarian, after a vote, mistakenly announced that the just-voted on proposed amendment was approved. In reality, the proposed amendment failed because it did not receive 2/3 vote of those voting. When the parliamentarian was told one day after, about her error made during prior day's meeting, she ruled in the organization member appeal, that Roberts Rules of Order governed in this case: She stated that since the parliamentarian announcement error was not caught before the close of business during the meeting, the mistake could not be re-visited, or corrected, according to Roberts Rules of Order. She declared, therefore that the proposed said amendment must stand as adopted, despite its actual failure to receive 2/3 votes required to approve it as adopted. Has Roberts Rules of Order been used correctly in this situation? Would you please site the page and reference either way, supporting yes or no. Thank you. Lastly, our organization rules do not address in writing, whether parliamentarian mistakes made during a meeting can corrected outside of a business meeting.
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