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Found 4 results

  1. I'm having trouble finding the rules about what is supposed to happen AFTER a motion is passed or carried. I ask because I have a Board that has passed two motions that required follow-up and the Board has done NOTHING after passing the motion. I want to file some sort of grievance against the Board, but I need to cite a rule violation in order to do so. Your help is appreciated
  2. If a vote passed, then after people realized we didn’t have quorum, is there a rule that we have to revote or can the vote stay because no one called for a quorum count?
  3. A motion is presented and passed in a previous meeting but in the next meeting the members want to make changes to what was approved (i.e. a budget, or an amount of money for donation) -How would this be handled if this occurred in the next month's meeting? -How would this be handled if this occurred in the same meeting even though there was discussion and the motion was handled according to RONR? I have done alot of reviewing the RONR text but it helps to have the discussion to besure. Thank You
  4. If a motion was made at a meeting last month and the voting body passed it and the meeting closed. Can the chairperson come back to the new meeting the following month and say that she made a mistake and should not have allowed the motion to pass, and it will be taken off the record like it never exsisted? If this answer is in the book could someone please point me to the correct page? I am having trouble finding something. Thanks for the help. A