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Found 2 results

  1. I thank you all for your previous comments, and apologize for not having started a new/fresh topic. Our church by-laws call for 25 names on a petition to call for a Special Meeting; allegedly 40 are on the petition (ie, 12% of the membership). Unfortunately, the church Moderator refuses to let anyone see the petition & signatures (she's not quite neutral), if they are not in agreement with the petition/willing to sign it. So all of us supporting the pastor have been frozen out. Interestingly enough, two of the Council members initiated the petition & at least 3 more of the 12 members
  2. We are having an annual meeting at church. We will be discussing our budget, namely the salaries of our paid staff. Can we make a motion that the pastor and his family (who are all church members) leave the meeting so that the church body can discuss the budget freely without the pastor and family knowing who says what? thank you.
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