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Found 8 results

  1. Several years back, allegheny county (pa) enacted clean air laws for bars, restaurants and clubs. Certain establishments were eligible for exemption from this, however paperwork had to be filed with the county indicating intent. Our club members chose to remain smoking, the board voted and the paperwork was filed. The current board has decided to overturn this decision to the dismay of many regular members. Is this allowed? Can one board overturn another boards decision? One which will surely effect the club financially? Several members have already indicated they will not come down anymore a
  2. The chairman holds all power to call a special meeting. Having submitted a petition to call a special meeting with ample names he is rejecting my petition because it lacks signatures and now refuses to call a meeting until I submit a signed petition. The issue of the petition for a special meeting is to remove the chairman and to discus a lawsuit we are now facing because of our bylaws inconsistency with state law. The current by-laws state, Special meetings of the X Committee may be called by the Y Chairman or by petition to the Y Chairman by twenty (20) percent of the X Committee
  3. I recently came across a test question that was something along these lines: "True or False: Petitions and Communications from a superior body can have object applied to them?" I searched through RONR 11th edition but I could not find any mention of petitions or communications in the index or any regular text. Where can I find info on this? I also was not sure what object meant, but I assumed it was short for object to the consideration of the question.
  4. This is a nationwide non profit dog club. Can a member motion to the BOD be required to include a specific number of additional member's signatures if stated as such in the Bylaws?
  5. Guest

    Special Meeting

    If a special meeting is called, following the by-laws of the club, and the purpose stated for the meeting includes voting on something, can a motion made at that meeting override the petitioned purpose of the meeting? So if a special meeting were called to vote on something, can someone make a motion at that meeting to wait to vote?
  6. A petition was signed and a special meeting requested 10 day from notice by 5 shareholders which is 10 percent of shareholders to discuss and vote on coversion from cooperative to condo. the intent was posted but of course many other courses of action could have taken place should the meeting be adjourned for more time a vote could have been taken 30 days out. But the BOD did not like the way the contract read and expected said company to give their info for free with no contract....The BOD felt that more time was needed and the petitioners are willing to allow that and push the meeting. How
  7. Current bylaws allow a petition to be submitted to a vote of the association if signed by 20 members. A vote is being taken electronically on a revision to the bylaws (and constitution) without the revision being presented at a properly called meeting. Neither the bylaws or constitution permit an electronic vote to approve the revision and RONR is clear that a revision must be presented at a properly called meeting. The business transacted (vote) is invalid (RONR). The result should be invalid as well. The Executive Committee put out the vote improperly (they have no specific power to do
  8. I set up our unincorporated Association and its Constitution and Bylaws. The Executive Committee (EC) (We have no Board) has set up a revision to the Bylaws which replaces the constitution and old Bylaws. They planned to have an up or down vote online instead of approving it at a meeting of the Association. Several members signed a valid petition to have the revision voted on at a meeting of the Association. The petition is to be voted on at our Annual Meeting in February. The EC has only the authority to manage what the members approve. Each member has one vote on the affairs of the clas
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