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Found 12 results

  1. Add a general meeting emotion is made to override the policy and procedure at the executive board as established for screening and possible endorsement of outside political candidates the member stacked the votes of the general meeting with supporters of a political candidate who is also a member of the organization and voted for his endorsement without the screening procedure of the board has put in place is this appropriate how do we counter act?
  2. Standing rules. I can find reference to them in RONR and can find the methods to adopt/amend them. But it's not clear who the governing body is that does the voting. Is it the Board or is it the Membership? For example, if the bylaws establish an election committee and it is desired to specify the election process it would behoove the organization to put the process in standing rules rather than in the bylaws. Does this standing rule have to be adopted by the membership or just the board? And, should it be desired to change the process, would the board alone be able to change the sta
  3. When drafting a new policy is there a required amount of time that the board must be notified in advance of approving it at a board meeting?
  4. Guest

    Board minutes

    Our Board has opted to have a minutes secretary take notes at the Board Mtgs. Should she submit the minutes to the Board Secretary first for approval or can she send them to the full Board? Also, can she sign them with the Board Secretary's title/name. We are a very new Board and want to follow the correct rules.
  5. We, a newish small HOA, have recently completed the process of revising our bylaws (a successful endeavor, with thanks to those who answered questions here). Now we, the Board, are needing to clarify policy regarding access to the fenced storm pond. It is part of the HOA common area, however its sole purpose is for runoff control. We have legal responsibilities for maintenance of that pond with the city and a requirement to keep the fence in good condition and a lock on the gate. The question before us is should there be any other reason a homeowner can go into the pond. There are half a
  6. Guest

    established policies

    Once a policy has been adopted by the membership, is there any time limit that the policy remains in effect? For instance, the membership votes that members must attend 2 meetings/year to be eligible to receive an award. Does that policy remain in effect until such time that the membership votes to change the policy or is there a standardized time limit?
  7. I have a question in regard to a "gentleman’s agreement" that is in place as an unspoken policy within my city council. There was a precedence set several years ago that if a council member was not able to be at a council meeting the mayor could remove an item from the agenda with no vote from the rest of the council. I hope the experts would be able to give me some idea if this is "proper" procedure? Any information would be great. Included is a hyperlink to the meeting in question 17:38 is where the topic is spoken about. You will also hear from our city attorney that says this policy is in
  8. I am working on writing a Conflict of Interest policy for our non-profit. But I have a quick question I cannot find an answer for. If there is a possible conflict of interest among one of three board members and a vote is called, how would a possible tie be handled? (One board member is the person with the possible conflict, one member for for and another against, thus resulting in a tie.) Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Guest

    Are Policies Needed?

    Our association has never had any "written" policies. They've flown by the seat of their pants for years. I am now on the Board and am pulling together policies and the board is approving them. Two board members are opposed to policies but lean heavily on Roberts Rules. What does Roberts Rules say about policies, if anything? Thanks
  10. We recently amended our Budget Policy by a vote of the entire board. The following meeting a question was raised regarding the allocation of some money and the old budget policy was cited. Now that the new budget policy is in effect, does the motion have to be amended before it can be called? If it is voted upon, will that vote stand?
  11. Can the Executive Board of an organization adopt a resolution or policy to clarify an ambiguity in the group's Constitution? If so, does the resolution or policy need to be approved by the organization's general membership?
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