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Found 2 results

  1. Associated Student Government There is a member who is on the Board of Directors who is willing to fill the Vice President position. At this point he is on the Board of Directors who are the only ones allowed to vote on items within the agenda. Question: Do he have to step down from his current position as Public Relations Director before he can be voted on to move into the Vice President Position? It was to my understanding, and please correct me if I am wrong. The person waiting to get appointed to the position does not have to step down before the vote because said person should excl
  2. At a recent election cast by paper ballets, a candidate won election for President as a write-in and also won election running un-opposed for Vice President for which he was already on the ballet. Several questions need to be addressed, all dependent on which position the candidate accepts. Under Roberts Rules, the candidate can choose the position to which he wants to serve; President or Vice President. If he chooses the President position, when should the election for Vice President be held? Since there were no other candidates on the ballet for Vice President, should two (2) special meet
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