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Found 3 results

  1. A question has arisen. An action is taken at a general membership meeting of the garden club, which is held monthly. At a later meeting, a member moves to Rescind the previously adopted motion, with no notice. During debate, the motion to Rescind is postponed to the subsequent meeting. Does the mere act of postponement to the next meeting constitute "notice," and does the vote requirement on the motion to Rescind now take a majority vote instead of 2/3? Thanks! Kay
  2. The bylaws of a city government state that a member may move to add a late item to the Council meeting agenda at the meeting and if supported by at least a 2/3 vote, it gets added. While this incidental main motion (I believe that is the category of this motion) is pending, a motion to postpone the matter to the next meeting was made and ultimately adopted by a majority vote. Was this procedure proper or should the vote have first been taken on the motion to add the late item? I recognize that postpone to a certain time is a ranked motion but it seems to have nullified the purpose of the other motion to add a late item.
  3. My organization's convention is coming up. We have a proposed bylaws revision on the agenda, and it takes place after elections are held. For most elections this won't matter, but the new bylaws replace one position on the Executive Committee with a different position (replaces a specific role with an "at-large" position). Is my understanding correct that it would be appropriate to "postpone to a certain time" this specific election (until after the bylaws revision is complete), and that would be a general order that would require a majority vote? Or is there a better way to do this?
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