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Found 5 results

  1. Guest

    President Authority

    Good afternoon, Our chapter president dictates tasks and other policies on a regular basis. I know the presiding officer has the right to set procedures for expedition of meetings, but our president is setting procedures that are contrary to our bylaws and, what I believe to be, RONR. She states that it is within her authority to do so. Additionally, she states that other officers and chairs are subordinate to her and that if we disagree or don't do as we say we are being insubordinate. What authority does a chapter president/presiding officer have over members, officers, and chairs? Thanks!
  2. Aloha e kakou, Aloha to all of us! (The Hawaiian language has Inclusive Pronouns.) Anyway, our Home Owners Association recently held its annual owners meeting. The meeting met its quorum threshold, using proxies. The presiding officer was not the usual Board of Directors President but rather a Parliamentarian routinely hired by the management company to conduct these meetings. He read from a prepared script and presided over all business at hand including elections of board directors. The Board President and other directors said nothing during the official part of this meeting, other than to campaign for reelection. At this meeting, the proxy of one owner attempted to move to amend the Bylaws. According to the Association documents, and possibly state law, the Bylaws can only be amended by a majority of the owners, either 67% or 75%. The Parliamentarian refused to accept the motion, claiming, among many things, that the motion had not been introduced before the meeting, that it needed to be first drawn up by an attorney, although the person making the motion is an attorney. Ultimately, the Parliamentarian refused to consider the motion because he could not ensure that the motion would not fail. Excuse me? Questions: Is this how a presiding officer is supposed to behave? I searched the Rules of Order and elsewhere to find out if quelching a motion is appropriate for the presiding officer, without success. Is it appropriate? This Parliamentarian is well known locally, a PRP and a member of the NAP. I have another question about this same meeting, but will start a separate thread to keep this short and not mix topics. Your insight is appreciated. Mahalo nui loa. Thank you very much.
  3. What to do if the presiding officer has a direct connection in a Removal from Office Trial that will impact his ability to remain neutral?
  4. Guest

    Officer report

    When at an annual meeting of an organization the president (presiding officer) gives his or her report, containing no recommendations, therefore, requiring no vote of acceptance or approval, should the president vacate the chair to read the annual report.
  5. Our bylaws state to change the bylaws the changes have to be read at one general membership meeting with no questions or comments all they do is read them then at the next membership meeting they read the bylaws then the changes then there has to be a motion to accept a second then asks are there any additions or corrections, questions, then calls for the vote for the motion and then against the motion and then declares if the motion passes or not. Now my question is who does this the bylaws chair or the presiding officer in charge of the meeting? does the bylaw chair ask for the motion then second and calls for the vote and declares that the motion passed or not??
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