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Found 2 results

  1. Assemblies do not alway follow the recommended phraseology or recommended practice of RONR. There is the 'slop' factor to consider. -- Ignorance of The Book. Q. How much leeway is there to the act of 'previous notice'? Worst Case Scenario: Assume an organization which meets monthly. (This scenario also can be applied to an assembly which meets weekly or daily, whenever the meetings are consecutive and at least as often as quarterly.) In the case of oral previous notice (not written previous notice), if the pro tem chair in the February meeting had missed the January meeting, and if the regular
  2. For several types of motions, the vote required depends upon whether prior notice was given at the previous meeting or sent to members with the call to meeting. A member wants to give prior notice of a motion but the organization does not issue calls to meetings because they are all regularly scheduled and the President just passes out the agendas at the meetings. The member has asked the Secretary to send an email out to all members providing the notice. The President, who believes the proposed motion would not be in order, told the Secretary not to do so. The member plans on sending the em
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