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Found 1 result

  1. Our Bylaws state the President can choose a pro tem secretary. However, the Bylaws do not clarify the actual duties. From what I gather reading RR, the pro tem secretary merely takes minutes of the meetings. Due to a lengthy replacement / election process, it could be 5 months before filling the position. The secretary duties cannot wait. The Bylaws do not address four of the questions below: Can the pro tem secretary fulfill all of the duties of the official secretary if agreed to by the Board? Can the pro tem secretary attend the Executive Session that is secret if agreed to by the Board? Our Bylaws state guests at a board meeting can participate in discussions for the first hour of the meeting or as deemed appropriate by the board. Can the pro tem secretary participate in the board discussions after the first hour if agreed to by the board? (This may sound obvious, but I need to confirm.) Can a pro tem secretary vote on board matters if agreed to by the Board? Can a pro tem secretary be counted for a quorum if agreed to by the Board? I have clicked on "Notify me of replies" this time! Many thanks.
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