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Found 5 results

  1. Guest

    Why the right hand?

    When members vote by raising their hands, is it necessary that they raise their right hand? Is there a procedural reason, or is it just tradition?
  2. Guest

    Bylaw Amendments

    Someone has proposed to ammend section in our bylaws by changing several lines in that section. Do we vote on the section as a whole or do we do it by line? The reason is I agree with some of the changes of the section, but not all. Thanks
  3. A motion was made to elect someone to a treasurer position in a meeting. After discussion, a motion was made that an officer of this same position couldn't serve in this position if their spouse was on the finance committee. Moderator said this was out of order and had to be done later. He said we had to move on with a vote on the person and address the concern later. Motion to vote secret ballot was denied. Person was voted in. Later in the meeting under new business, a motion was made that an officer of this same position couldn't serve in this position if their spouse was on a committee they were interacting with. This was seconded and carried. Today, the moderator is saying this later motion that passed is illegal. It couldn't happen in the same meeting as an election. Can anyone help advise what is the correct procedure.
  4. As president of an organization, I use Robert's quite a bit. Our bylaws read that RONR shall apply to all meetings and business transactions not otherwise specified in the Bylaws. I had a member contact me with a request that I turned down on the grounds that it was beyond my authority. Thihs person quoted a citation in RONR that I'd never heard and still haven't 'found. This is the quote: Per Roberts Rules of Order: The president should rule on any procedure that does not follow correct procedures. Has anyone ever heard of this? Thanks!
  5. What is the proper procedure for voting a standing president out of office before an election and does the president have the authority to stop a vote?
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