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Found 21 results

  1. Synopsis: Local government Policy lays out Roberts Rules as the structure for agenda items for public council meetings. An agenda item is listed as a topic for discussion under the category of new business. No action or resolution is expected as it is simply to enable council members to have an open discussion to garner consensus on whether it is an item of interest that might require future action. There is also no policy in place that dictates open discussion to occur at a sub committee level. Question: Once the agenda is approved with the discussion item listed, are council members re
  2. Can the BOD remove an item from the AGM agenda when that agenda item was initiated by Membership vote, and then tabled at the next AGM. It would seem to me that this is beyond the purview of the BOD, but I cannot find the supporting rule.
  3. At a board meeting, the president said: You understand that this next matter will be an executive session. And the discussion started. No formal motion, no second, no vote. Was this a proper and valid executive session? Are the participants bound ? Thank you.
  4. Guest

    New board member

    I’m a new board member. I have not received financial reports or budgets. Can I ask for them at my second board meeting.
  5. Our Annual HOA (Homeowner's Assoc.) meeting was conducted very loosely with no opportunity for discussion before voting. There was a Quorum. Proxies were submitted. Notes were taken by the Sec'y. No one raised any Points of Order. It was my first meeting. Certain items that passed involved raising everyone's Assoc. Dues. Q: Is that meeting's Business and voting now Null and Void? Q: Board of Directors President has called for a SPECIAL MEETING to resolve the mess and someone questions the NEED for this new SPECIAL MEETING and I am left wondering how to respond.
  6. Guest

    Speaker and Trainer

    What motions are so important that a member of the body may interrupt the speaker? What about parliamentary items such as points of information, point of procedure, etc?
  7. I can not find the answers to the following questions in the RRO materials. So I need help finding the answers or if you can provide such. 1. If a meeting is recessed for a 10 minute break, by RRO is it necessary to have a roll call to establish what members are still in attendance to declare a quorum when the meeting resumes after the break? A roll call is done when the meeting is called to order originally. 2. If it is announced and agendas made public for a special meeting of a public elected body to start at "X" time on "Y" date followed by a committee of the whole (COW)
  8. Guest

    Election Procedure

    In the following motions is “accept the nominations” the same as elect, or did the motion have to say “elect” Fred nominated the following as officers: David Groff - President, Anna French - Vice-President, Timothy Webber - Treasurer, Susan Frost - Secretary, A motion was made by Fred Mann to accept the the nominations, seconded by Debbie Pearce Motion approved: all in favor, no abstentions.
  9. I have situation where a motion to fund a youth trip was made and seconded correctly. However, after debate on the motion they moved to a vote and the motion was passed unanimously. After the meeting it was pointed out by a member that was not present for the vote that this was an "illegal" vote because it was in excess of the amount our bylaws allow to be voted on without carrying the motion to the next monthly meeting. This was correct. We are having a difficult time figuring out what the status of that motion is since the vote was invalid. Please assist!!! If you can direct me to a source a
  10. If, during public testimony on a subject a member of the public asks a question of the body, is it up to the chair to determine how the question is answered, if it is answered at all? If a member of the committee bypasses the chair to answer the question, can the chair stop the response?
  11. Our By-Laws, after amendments are made, are presented to our Board of Trustees for approval. After accepting said amendments, the new By-Law amendments are subject to review by our membership. Our membership can vote to veto any or all of the amendments that were adopted by our Board of Trustees. One of these recently adopted changes the calendar that our BOT is voted into office. MY QUESTION...if the membership vetoes this amendment, does this "throw out" the existing BOT's?
  12. At a regularly scheduled school board meeting of our school district, the following happened in this order: 1) People in attendance recited the Pledge of Allegiance; 2) Roll Call of Members was taken; 3) The Board President read a lengthy Board Statement (regarding the Board's position on our current teacher contract negotiations). The agenda, as posted, for the public in attendance did not include "Board Statement," nor did the President move to amend the agenda to include the Board Statement. Was the President out of order by reading the Board Statement since it was not on the original
  13. We have a rule in our club which allows for 2 types of members Full and Associate. We have had 2 proposals from 2 different members to change the rule, one wishes to remove Associate Membership and the other wishes to add "conditions" (min length of membership before being eligible for Associate Membership) to same rule. At our AGM which proposal is voted on first? Martwillhenry
  14. Setting: the wish of councilors is to not make cuts to the municipal budget but simply vote it down and send it back to the mayor. The process is usually to approve the budget department by department, making cuts line by line. Question: How would a Council Chairman bring the entire budget up for a vote as a whole BEFORE it is dissected line by line. Is this possible? And what would the procedure be?
  15. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization. By our by-laws and RONR, we are supposed to publish our minutes and motions. After our organization was put under the gun for several divisive votes that angered our members, a member decided to share the minutes and the motions with the community we serve. Is this improper or illegal?
  16. Good morning; the homeowner's association I preside over is in the process of making substantial amendments to its bylaws, I have three questions related to the process. For reference, our bylaws state the following in regards to amending the bylaws: VOTE: All By-Laws of the Corporation shall be subject to amendment or repeal, and new By-Laws may be made, by a two-thirds vote of those members in good standing present at a general meeting or a special meeting of the members, called for such purposes. PROCEDURE: Upon approval of the Board of Directors, the President shall present to the g
  17. Guest

    Why the right hand?

    When members vote by raising their hands, is it necessary that they raise their right hand? Is there a procedural reason, or is it just tradition?
  18. Guest

    Bylaw Amendments

    Someone has proposed to ammend section in our bylaws by changing several lines in that section. Do we vote on the section as a whole or do we do it by line? The reason is I agree with some of the changes of the section, but not all. Thanks
  19. A motion was made to elect someone to a treasurer position in a meeting. After discussion, a motion was made that an officer of this same position couldn't serve in this position if their spouse was on the finance committee. Moderator said this was out of order and had to be done later. He said we had to move on with a vote on the person and address the concern later. Motion to vote secret ballot was denied. Person was voted in. Later in the meeting under new business, a motion was made that an officer of this same position couldn't serve in this position if their spouse was on a committee
  20. As president of an organization, I use Robert's quite a bit. Our bylaws read that RONR shall apply to all meetings and business transactions not otherwise specified in the Bylaws. I had a member contact me with a request that I turned down on the grounds that it was beyond my authority. Thihs person quoted a citation in RONR that I'd never heard and still haven't 'found. This is the quote: Per Roberts Rules of Order: The president should rule on any procedure that does not follow correct procedures. Has anyone ever heard of this? Thanks!
  21. What is the proper procedure for voting a standing president out of office before an election and does the president have the authority to stop a vote?
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