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Found 5 results

  1. Guest

    Procedures vs Bylaws

    We have a state association constitution and bylaws. Districts within the state association are to mimic said bylaws with the ability to tweek DISTRICT PROCEDURES. District procedures are listed with the bylaws but not within them. At the district level we vote to "tweek" these procedures within reason and without opposing the bylaws. However, how do we handle making changes to the main district procedures that reside at the state level?
  2. Hello! My fraternity uses Robert's Rules during our weekly business meetings, and recently there has been debate about how to correctly bring up a subject. The big question is: when is the correct time to use "I move [x]" or "I motion [x]"? Your input would be much appreciated!
  3. if a topic has been sent to committee, but the committee has not discussed or keeps postponing meeting (topic issued in April, it is now September), what can the members do? does it go back to the exec?
  4. Hello, We had a question come up on our Home Owner's Association Board during a recent vote. A motion wasn made and seconded and discussion ended and then we voted in favor, opposed or abstained...can a Board member then decide to change their vote? Is there a point when they can change their vote and then after that there is a point of no return, or is that once the vote has been cast, the matter is closed? Thank you, Leland B.
  5. Guest

    Reversing a Motion

    Can you reverse a motion that was approved earlier in a meeting?
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