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Found 4 results

  1. At our Annual meeting (with 40 of 43 members present) a motion passed 27 to 13. After the meeting a petition was passed around. Can this petition over rule the sanctioned meeting and the passed motion?
  2. A vote was called and ruled upon based with a majority vote. Now a member of the majority has resigned. Can the replacement member make a motion (maybe under new businesses) to revoke the past vote? Or does it need to be a sitting member of the majority from the existing vote.
  3. Our HOA CC&Rs set out the authorization for an Architectural Control Committee. There is only one statement in it where the Board can give direction to the committee. Otherwise the committee is authorized to have the primary responsibility to interpret and enforce the rules and regs set out in the CC&Rs. There is one point where the Board can give direction I believe. It states: "The Architectural Control Committee shall adopt such reasonable and uniform rules of architectural control as the Board of Directors may prescribe , including, but not necessarily limited to the following:... " where it lists a couple of bullets about new structures and outbuildings. I would like the Board to be proactive (I'm President on the Board) in setting some direction for some of the rules they should follow. One of them dealing with fencing (there are some others). What I'd like to have set out as a rule is something like: " 1) All lots shall maintain external fencing in good condition and of the style prescribed in SECTION J of Article II of DCC&R. If variance is sought to install fencing of a different style it shall be of the following specifications: [specs for 1 or to options to go here] 2) Fencing along the parameter of the storm pond shall not include a gate into to the pond tract." Procedurally, how would I go about presenting that at our next Board meeting? Would it be a motion to direct the ACC committee to adopt the rule? And if the Board passes that motion, is it then a done deal the ACC must (shall) adopt it or will they have the option of deciding to adopt it? Thanks Laurie
  4. Hello, Re: Small organization w/ nominating committee presenting a slate to membership A qualified member was presented to the committee for consideration. No other candidate come forward for the office. Four members of the six member committee agreed on this candidate. The chair said another candidate must be found and did not explain the purpose was to present a slate to the membership with only one person per office. With this information another candidate was solicited. Then the committee was informed they would have to choose. If the definition of a slate had been explained, the committee would not have gone out to solicit another canidate. Should the Chair have asked for a vote on the candidate that came forward before the committee solicited another? Was this improper? If, so, please, explain and list an reference to the Robert Rules, please. Thank you so very much!
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