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Found 1 result

  1. The "About Me" section of members' profiles is not accessible on my android cell phone. Is anyone else having this problem? Is this the case with all cell phones, just android phones, or just my phone? If I access a member profile from my laptop, I have the option of clicking on the "About Me" section of the profile to read it, provided the member has entered anything in that section of his profile. But the "About Me" option does not appear on my cellphone. I looked the top 20 or 24 posters (everyone with over 1,000 posts) and found that about one-third of us have information in the "About Me" section of their profiles that I can view on my laptop. But, I cannot view ANY "About Me" sections using my phone. Is there some reason for this, or is it a glitch? It's hard to find and sort the member list since the forum update of a couple of years ago, but you can access it using the "search" function. Click on "search", then click on "members", then click on that, and the member list in alphabetical order pops up. There is then an option to change the sort method to sort by post count, etc. This link might work: http://robertsrules.forumflash.com/search/?type=core_members&sortby=member_posts&sortdirection=desc&page=1
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