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Found 3 results

  1. You would think this would be a no-brainer, but perhaps not. The HOA bylaws state: The Board may amend these Bylaws or any portions thereof. Changes shall take effect upon ratification by a majority vote of the required number of Association Members (as defined in...) at a membership meeting which includes this stated purpose and which has had proper notice. Any member in good standing may submit in writing to the Board a proposed amendment at any time throughout the year. Sequence of events: 1. A general comment was published in the December newsletter o/a Dec 1 as to the date only of the annual meeting of the HOA, with a note that the agenda would be in the January newsletter. No mention was made of voting on bylaws. 2. The agenda for the Feb 19 meeting was published in the January newsletter o/a Jan 1, with no line item for ratification of the bylaws. In fact, I was in the HOA office and asked if there would be any bylaw amendments, and the response was no. 3. The Feb newsletter published the agenda again, and once again, nothing on it related to bylaws. 4. On Feb 11, 2022, members received the email packet for the meeting (to be held Feb 19 via zoom) with the agenda, which now includes an item for ratifying the bylaws. The way I read the bylaws and what ensued, there has not been proper notice for the voting on the bylaws. It would appear that action would have to be moved to a special meeting in March, if anything. Personally, I believe that the omission of the ratification of the bylaws was left out intentionally. What say you experts out there? What would be the best way for me to approach this--before the meeting or at the meeting? (People will roll their eyes, as most think the bylaws are suggestions and their attitude is, "What's the big deal?" When the call to approve the agenda is made? (My response would be to remove it, as proper notice has not been given.) As a point of order?
  2. yoram kahana Sat 6/1/2019 4:30 PM Our Association's bylaw says this about giving notice for a meeting: "Section 9.4. Notice of Meetings. Notice of any Membership Meeting, specifying the date, time and location thereof, shall be given to each member by written notice sent by first class mail or by electronic transmission (including facsimile, e-mail and text message) at least ten days in advance. " The secretary sent out an email notice to all members , but only seven days before the meeting. When challenged, the excuse was that the meeting was included in the two week calendar that goes out, also by email, to all members. This calendar went out two weeks before the meeting date. The calendar lists all our activities for a two week period,on one page, divided in 14, each day in a box, with the briefest mention of each activity [space...]. The box for May 10 had: --------------------------------------------- May 10 11 AM : Candidates' Forum ( Association's Office) 1 PM Lunch ( Association's Office) ------------------------------------------------------------- Was this calendar listing a proper notice as required by the bylaw? Thank you Yoram yoram kahana Sat 6/1/2019 4:30 PM
  3. How much notice is required for making an amendment during a convention that takes place one a year? How about for significant changes? Is notice to the Executive Board / Constitution Committee sufficient? What about notice to chief delegates? When would it be reasonable / latest time to have the organization distribute the amendment to members?
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