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Found 6 results

  1. I was recently reading bylaws that stated the following regarding QUORUM: "A quorum of any members' meeting shall consist of persons entitled to cast a least twenty-five (25%) percent of the votes of the entire membership present in person or by proxy. The joinder of a member in the action of any meeting by signing and concurring in the minutes thereof shall constitute the presence of such member for the purpose of determining a quorum." I know that "joinder" is a legal term, but I'm not sure I'm understanding that one line. As I understand it, it's saying that any member PRESENT (in
  2. Guest

    Absentee votes

    Our church congregation is preparing to vote on a pastoral candidate. The candidate has been approved by the church board, which follows Roberts Rules. The candidate must receive 75% of the congregational vote to be approved. Absentee voting is not addressed in our constitution and bylaws. Is absentee voting allowed by members of the congregation.
  3. Can a member who assigns a proxy then attend the meeting as a guest?
  4. Can a member of the association running for a position on an HOA Board, solicit and vote proxies from other members?
  5. Am I correct that our bylaws do not give authority to an annual meeting proxy holder to vote on matters not known beforehand? The bylaws appear to provide authority to the proxy holder to vote at will on matters known beforehand only if “best judgment” was selected. If a matter comes up for a vote during the annual meeting, am I correct that only those present should be able to vote on the matter? I am president of this nonprofit mutual benefit corporation, and I am preparing for our annual meeting. Thanks in advance for your assistance. The following is the language of Section 13, Voting
  6. Guest

    Vote by Proxy

    Good evening, We are having our annual business meeting on Sunday at church. There are serious financial discussions and votes being held. There are several members (who are very involved in the church) who are unable to make the meeting due to work, travel, etc. We would like to have those people vote via proxy. Do our Bylaws have to state that voting by proxy is allowed? Or is this something we can do anyways? Thank you so much for your input, Jennifer
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