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Found 3 results

  1. If the minutes of a meeting include what a person said in public comments (yes, I know that they shouldn't, and this practice is being changed) and the minutes are approved, can they later be changed if the speaker of the public comment disagrees with how the approved minutes recorded their comment? thanks
  2. This is in regards to Board of Education One meeting a month we allow public comment with a five minute limit. Occasionally, at our more casual Committee of the Whole meetings, any member may "recognize" someone from the public to speak. Is there any rule that disallows us from adjusting the time (5 vs 3) limit? Nothing in our bylaws address the issue.
  3. Is a quorum required of a School Board if they are offering a time for public comment and then having a work session on budget, school attendance zone changes, etc and no votes (straw or official) are being taken at the public meeting?
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