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Found 4 results

  1. I know that nominations can be debated, but I need to know if that also means that members can ask direct questions of the candidates during the debate.
  2. Guest


    Our bi-laws state 'A quorum shall consist of 50 percent of the membership in good standing, excluding the primary officers. ' During our last meeting, there was not a quorum present and the meeting was conducted as normal. It wasn't until after the meeting that someone pointed out that less than 50% was present. The president is claiming that since nobody brought this to the boards attention the meeting is valid and the decisions made at this meet are also valid. Is this true? What if only two members showed up, would that be a valid meeting - if nobody spoke up and stated that there wasn't a quorum??? I'm a little confused...
  3. If someone calls the question, and this is seconded, and then a group votes on the motion to close debate, but the group members are unclear on what they have voted on, and later wish to rescind that vote - should one go back to debate. In this case, we just had a 2/3 majority to close debate, and we immediately moved to vote, but confusion continued. A number of the group members declared they thought that they had voted to CONTINUE debate to the next meeting, not close it and vote on the question at hand. One additional wrinkle is that while we had a quorum to discuss, we did not get a vote that would allow us to accept the question - and our bylaws call for us to obtain ballots from those not in the meeting. We have yet to do this, and instead, I have called a new meeting to continue discussion. How do we act at this point? 1) Do we start from considering the mistaken nature of the vote to call the question, and then come back to reopen debate, and continue as appropriate from that point forward?; or 2) Do we have to conclude the vote on the question (which requires the collection of the votes from those not present at the meeting), and then discuss whether to rescind that vote, which would require a motion, a second, and a positive vote for rescinding, and then new debate on the question? I would appreciate advice!
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