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Found 5 results

  1. Recently there was a meeting to change by-laws. There had never been given an opportunity to ask questions about the changes. In the meeting where the vote was taken the chair ruled that no one could ask questions. Was this correct?
  2. After taking over a thousand questions on parliamentary procedure as part of the Dunbar test manual, I had over 15 pages of questions and topics that were unfamiliar to me. I then spent nearly 10 hours combing through RONR to find answers and have narrowed down the list to just a few questions that are still puzzling me and that I am unable to find an answer to in RONR. In order to avoid cluttering the forum, would it be OK to post these questions all in one thread labeled RONR test questions?
  3. jtc0601

    Budget Question

    Background: Previous BOD was asked to resigned. Interim BOD took over. New BOD was elected. No information, budget, past minutes, past reports, past procedures, access to website...etc. Since then the new BOD has worked very hard to establish, procedures, created new website, created new events/fundraisers, etc.... Luckily when property was retrieved from very past BOD 2 boxes of past meeting minutes were found but none from the period the resigned BOD. Now question. We have an appreciation committee and they are going to ask BOD for funds for an event. One of the committee members (who has been around quite awhile and quite frequently complains, which is normal for this group) asked the committee chair (who is a new member, but actively involved) if knew what we had in the annual budget for this event. She knows that the current BOD did not receive any information including a budget and is in the process of creating one for the next year. She is the one who chaired the Audit when the BOD resigned. Question: Is this committee allowed to even ask for funds if they is no budget in place? (our bylaws can be found on our website. lccpaaa.org under the "Members" page if you need a reference.) I'm stumped as to what advice I should give about this. I am a committee member and also a BOD member. Thanks!
  4. I had a few questions regarding nominating committees responsibilities and procedures. 1. Is nominating committee required to present its new "nominating slate" to the entire board or only the secretary who in turn sends it out to the membership"? 2. Our club by-laws state our monthly newsletter "shall be the official organ for notifying the membership of club meetings and all other club business" - that said if the slate is presented to the board and posted on a bulletin board in the club does said action fulfill our condition of the slate being sent to the voting membership by the secretary at least 30 days prior to the election? Or does the monthly newsletter still have to be sent out to meet the same requirement and make it a valid slate? 3. If prior to the mailing of the newsletter (official organ), one of the nominees withdraws his nomination, can the committee issue a new slate to the secretary (not the entire board) with a different nominee for the vacated position as long as it is in the newsletter and we still meet the 30 day criteria? Or does the slate originally present to the secretary still have to be posted and the position filled on the floor at the election or by the newly elected board after the election 4. Lastly, if this newsletter is posted with the name of the withdrawn nominees name and not the new nominee selected by the committee can the election be postponed by the committee
  5. During a regular meeting a question and answer session is on the agenda. What types of questions can the public ask at that point? Do they have to relate to something on the meeting's agenda or can they be about other specific issues dealt with at a previous meeting?