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Found 2 results

  1. Our by-laws require 50 members to be present at a meeting in order to vote on by-law amendments. There weere only 48 qualifying members present at the meeting. Can the Board hold open the meeting indefinitely, after dispersing those in attendance, to get 2 more signatures, or do all 50 members need to be present at the same time?
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    We are a 501©(3) with a volunteer board. Little understanding of Robers Rules. Under the current bylaws there is up to 9 board members. Within the by-laws it states; "the presense of any two members of the Board of Directors, not representing the same office, at a board meeting shall constitute a quorum." I'm sure that this is not consistent with RR of Order, especially when motions require a majority for motions to pass. Any suggestions on how to change this wording in a by-law?
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