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Found 8 results

  1. I am a volunteer for a membership organization serving as Chair. The executive committee (volunteer board of membership organization) is discussing making a modification to the bylaws. I am trying to understand what this process looks like in light of this snapshot from our bylaws: "Amendments to the Bylaws shall be by action of the Executive Committee, subject to ratification at the next annual membership meeting." This is what I understand the process to look like: 1) Discussion at next Executive Committee meeting where group agrees with bylaw change 2) Executive Committee member makes a motion, second. 3) Fast forward to membership meeting in March.....quorum is identified. Chair puts the "motion" (?) to the membership and asks for a vote. (How do I word this for the membership? Is this a motion, resolution, recommendation? Do I need a member to make a motion, second, debate then vote? I certainly enjoy volunteering but this is confusing me! Please help and THANK YOU for your time.
  2. Guest


    Why was it important to add the list of reasons for ratifying actions to RONR in the 11th edition (p. 124-125)? Has there been a surge in the need for this motion? What are some examples you've seen in your practices? Many thanks.
  3. What is the ruling if there is no by-law within the organization that requires a referendum result to be ratified? One of my Universities student unions held a referendum that had a result that is now subject to a declared ratification but no where in our by-laws does it call for one. If it is not in the by-laws or our constitution do we need to ratify?
  4. Our organization's bylaws empower the board of directors to amend bylaws The bylaws also stipulate that any such amendments become effective immediately but only until the following annual general meeting at which they must be ratified Situation: Board amends bylaw creating a new category of membersNew members are admitted immediatelyQuestion: Am I correct in concluding that the amendment nonetheless ceases to be effective at the time of the AGM, and that the new members, though admitted, are therefore NOT entitled to vote on the ratification of the amendment itself? Any reference in RONR?
  5. We had a properly noticed meeting for a ratification vote for our collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with two separate employee units; one of them being a Supervisory Unit with 15 employees. None of those employees exercised their right to vote on the CBA. There were zero "Yes" votes and zero "No" votes. State law requires for the CBA to be ratified it must receive a majority of the ballots cast or it is considered rejected. There is no provision in state law, or our bylaws, for a null vote. The initial thought it is that those employees have exercised their right by not voting and therefore the CBA was rejected. Is there anything in RONR that requires the ratification vote, "or election" to be readdressed? I would appreciate any insight. Thank you.
  6. Hello all, I am the President of a national association of outdoors clubs. Our members are affiliated local clubs. Our organizational structure consists of a Council of Delegates and a Board of Directors. The Council of Delegates consists of one delegate from each affiliated local club. Every club may appoint a delegate, but the club must meet certain requirements for its delegate to be able to vote. The Council meets annually, but the President or Board of Directors may call a special meeting on 30 days notice. Our Bylaws prescribe that the Council of Delegates meeting uses Robert's Rules of Order. The Board of Directors is elected by the Council of Delegates and meets monthly and consists of 8 people. Our bylaws do not prescribe a set of rules for the Board, but by custom we follow the small body version of Robert's Rules. Amendments to our bylaws require a 2/3 vote at a duly called meeting of the Board of Directors, however any amendment relating to the affiliated clubs or the Council of Delegates must be ratified by a majority vote of the Council of Delegates before they become effective. We have a series of 5 amendments adopted by the board, to be presented to the Council of Delegates for ratification. I will be calling a special meeting to do this as we want the changes in place before our annual general meeting. My question (finally!) is this: How exactly does ratification work? Are amendments to the proposal in order, or is it limited to an up-or-down vote on the amendment adopted by the board? Are there any other "gotchas" I need to watch out for? Please accept my apologies for the long post, but I figured the background would be relevant to the question. Thank for your time and your help. ~Terry
  7. 1. Board amended bylaw 2. Membership ratified amendment 3. Membership now wishes to rescind ratification and, if successful, amend bylaw by substitution (giving prior notice) Is this in order?
  8. Our organization's bylaws require that bylaw amendments made by the board of directors be ratified at "a" general meeting of the membership. 1. What does RONR say, if anything, about how soon after amendment they must be ratified? 2. In the absence of any specific time requirement, as in this instance, does the rule apply?
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