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Found 1 result

  1. I am a volunteer for a membership organization serving as Chair. The executive committee (volunteer board of membership organization) is discussing making a modification to the bylaws. I am trying to understand what this process looks like in light of this snapshot from our bylaws: "Amendments to the Bylaws shall be by action of the Executive Committee, subject to ratification at the next annual membership meeting." This is what I understand the process to look like: 1) Discussion at next Executive Committee meeting where group agrees with bylaw change 2) Executive Committee member makes a motion, second. 3) Fast forward to membership meeting in March.....quorum is identified. Chair puts the "motion" (?) to the membership and asks for a vote. (How do I word this for the membership? Is this a motion, resolution, recommendation? Do I need a member to make a motion, second, debate then vote? I certainly enjoy volunteering but this is confusing me! Please help and THANK YOU for your time.