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Found 1 result

  1. Association annual members meeting and election of directors is coming up in a few days. It is being held out doors on commons property, with only a large pavilion (roof only, no walls) , and the association also rented a couple of tent type canopies (again roof only, no walls). They are practicing social distancing, masks required, lots of hand sanitizer and wipes available, etc. They are trying to take every precaution possible to protect members. However, I just found out that they want to check everyone's temperature at sign in using a touchless thermometer. Out in the open with other members in line to sign in. It got my attention about this for a few reasons: Is this an invasion of privacy? Does the association/board have the right to do this? Does a member have a right to refuse? If they refuse can they be denied participation in the meeting. Can they be denied access to the commons property that the meeting is being held at? Thus being denied to vote or the use the common properties? This is a members meeting and election of directors with the board present to get the meeting and election going. I know for a fact the board did not make a motion to initiate this. This is just something the President thought this idea up with the help of another board member all on there own. Maybe I am over thinking this, but I think this could open up a can of worms if it is "mandatory". I have no problem with voluntary, but mandatory? What about a refusal to participate if either an elevated temperature or a person does not want their temperature taken? I know this is a new era we are in, but I personally think this is going to far.
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