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Found 2 results

  1. In City Council a motion to defund an item was made at our March meeting and passed unanimously. In November the item again appears on the agenda to consider funding. Can a motion to recind the first vote be made before approval of agenda and then the item be considered for funding in the same meeting? No notice to recind was given, it simply appears on the agenda.
  2. Some of the particulars. A motion is adopted regulating the use of a organization's asset. The asset use in the by-laws delegates the general rules governing the asset to the Executive board The asset isn't used to conduct business during a meeting. It also seems that the original motion adopted could only be advisory as the motion was during a general meeting not the Executive board. The adopted motion is wanting to be amended or rescinded and a member is insisted it can only be done so by a 2/3. The Constitution/bylaw only refers to constitution and bylaw changes needing 2/3 majority and refers all else to Robert Rules of Order. So the adopted motions isn't a constitution or bylaw, would it be considered a standing order or something else? Or perhaps null and void to begin with as it was enacted improperly.
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