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Found 2 results

  1. If a member moved to reconsider and enter in the minutes in a dilatory manner, can a member preface moving to fix the time to which to adjourn with the justification that they are doing so to rectify what they feel is a dilatory use of the motion to reconsider and enter in the minutes since the present meeting attendance Is not unrepresentative of the overall assembly? In other words, can the individual offer a statement explaining their motion before they actual move it?
  2. Could someone please provide an example for what should be said when filling a blank and for the motion to reconsider and enter in the minutes. I find the examples in RONR 11ed. to be somewhat limited. For the filling a blank example, If the motion were pending to "purchase a printer not to exceed $300" and the a member moved to strike out $300 and create a blank, what would the subsequent wording be?