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Found 4 results

  1. Is a motion to reconsider a vote appropriately considered during "old business" as listed on the meeting agenda, or does an agenda need to specifically identify the motion to reconsider will be considered?
  2. RONR, p. 316 lines 1-6 state two things: 1) that a member who voted by ballot with the prevailing side may move to reconsider if he is willing to waive the secrecy of his ballot, and 2) if the motion to be reconsidered was adopted by unanimous consent, all members present at the time qualify to move to reconsider. However, in the Study Guide for NAP Registration, p. 64, question #369 it indicates that only #1 above is correct and therefore, #2 as I have noted it above, must be incorrect. The way I read RONR, it is also possible for someone to move to reconsider if they were present when the motion being reconsidered was adopted by unanimous consent. Is there a technical aspect of this I am missing? I need to know as I am planning to write the Part 2 Registration exam in a few weeks. Thanks in advance for clarifying.
  3. A motion to fix the time to which to adjourn is made when in the course of business it appears that there will not be an opportunity to introduce it as an incidental main motion. Later in the same meeting, business is completed earlier than anticipated and the motion to fix the time to which to adjourn is moved to be reconsidered. The question is can it be debated? Page 324 states: EFFECT OF ADOPTION OF THE MOTION TO RECONSIDER; RULES GOVERNING DEBATE ON THE RECONSIDERATION. The effect of the adoption of the motion to Reconsider is immediately to place before the assembly again the question on which the vote is to be reconsidered—in the exact position it occupied the moment before it was voted on originally. The "exact position" was the considering the motion to Fix the Time to which to Adjourn, made as a privileged motion, and therefore undebatable. p. 68 fn states that adjourn is a unique case in that it retains privileged status even when no question is pending. p. 308 l.16 states that Amend Something Previously Adopted is not in order if the if the question can be reached using Reconsider. My question is then is does the FTWA come back as privileged and therefore not debatable, or does it loose privilege when it is reconsidered as there is no pending question, or, is there no way for the group to discuss when they will meet again once a privileged motion FTWA has been used to set the next date?
  4. Hi all, I have a technical question regarding this motion. What happens to the motion to reconsider and enter on the minutes if 1) the meeting when this motion was raise has adjourned; and 2) when this motion was raised at the meeting it was seconded but the individual raising the motion did not indicate whether he/she was in the affirmative for the initial vote of the reconsidering motion and the chair also did not follow in asking whether this person voted in the affirmative or not? Does this motion get dropped (due to incorrect procedure)? or Is this motion to reconsider deemed valid and can be recalled at the next meeting? I do realize that if this doesn't work out, a rescind motion can be put in front of the members at the next meeting (with notice of course). thanks in advance for any advice!
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