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Found 5 results

  1. At a meeting late last year a motion to do X passed. On the agenda for the next meeting, which took place recently, were, among other things, a motion to amend X (to provide more specifics for how it would work) and after that a motion to rescind X. The motion to amend X passed, and the hour was late, so the chair postponed the rest of the business to the next meeting. My question is this: Is it in order for the motion to rescind to come up after an affirmative vote to amend? RONR (11th ed.) states on p. 307: "A negative vote on these motions [to amend or rescind] can be reconsidered, but not an affirmative vote." And on the next page RONR specifies what actions cannot be rescinded or amended, including, "When it has previously been moved to reconsider the vote on the main motion, and the question can be reached by calling up the motion to Reconsider (37)." Technically this particular ASPA, which was affirmed, was not a reconsideration, but in the general spirit of the meaning of the term it was. At the next meeting, when the motion to rescind is made, can it be called out of order? The chair of the group (who is not a fan of X) intends to postpone any action on X until after the next meeting.
  2. Guest

    Rescind vs Reconsider

    How would you explain the difference between rescind and reconisder? With a general understanding, how would you debate on each? I don't see the difference in the way you would debate reconsider/rescind, particularly in an FFA demo. Is it debated the same way? An example would be awesome, but any clarification is appreciated. Thanks!
  3. RR states that to make a motion to reconsider a motion, one must have voted on the prevailing side regarding the original motion. If the vote for the original motion was blind, with nobody knowing for certain who voted one way or another, how is one to verify whether the individual making the motion to reconsider the motion actually was on the prevailing side of the original vote?
  4. I recently joined an executive board. It is contentious, disorganized, and the presiding officer thinks it is her board under her authority. She blocks and obstructs progress, gossips, ignores the members, and is very snotty. I wish I hadn't joined but I am a member and feel terrible for the rest of our members. I refuse to quit and insist on making some sort of progress. At our last General Membership Meeting on Oct. 11, a motion passed for Executive Board Members to attend a one-day Executive Board Training. The vote was unanimous with many general members voting, although the (presiding) President voted against it. (Despite having no voting powers.) Now the President is calling for a Special Meeting on Oct. 25, we assume for executive board only but it seems to be a secret (so far). The belief is that she wants to prevent this training from happening. She was under the impression at the last meeting that we have membership meetings quarterly and executive board meetings monthly, unless it is a membership meeting. She didn't want to give her (negative) reasons for something in front of the members, and said she would wait until the executive board meeting. Sadly, she didn't know that all of our meetings are membership meetings. I see several issues with this and am looking for any others you may see. In addition, I am looking for rules to help me stop this sort of thing from happening (now and in the future). In other words, I want to block the blockers. The Executive Board cannot countermand the Membership's vote. (Or does this only apply to a "convention?" She voted illegally at the last meeting. Only somebody who voted in favor of the motion can move to reconsider. Only items published (and approved) in an agenda may be considered at any meeting. I am not sure we have the authority to conduct executive board-only meetings. Thanks for your assistance. I really need your help.
  5. I am a Board member of a HOA. At our last meeting in early September, the Board approved a motion directing my committee to hire an attorney for the purpose of getting a legal interpretation regarding one of our covenants. At this point in time, the committee has three attorney's listed to contact - though no formal contact has taken place. Since the meeting, as the Chair I have received several emails from the Board president, who did not support the vote. The latest emails direct the committee to not pursue the board action any further based on his concerns regarding what repercussions such action may have (this may end up being an enforcement issue regarding how a property is being used). Furthermore, he stated this in an email update to the Board. While I am not an expert on Roberts Rules, it appears that he does not have the authority to do this and that the Committee needs to move forward as directed by the Board vote. It is my understanding that he can not ask for reconsideration of the vote because he was not on the prevailing side. Furthermore, it does not appear that the vote can be amended or rescinded. Our board will not be meeting again til the spring - and due to the nature of the Board, I believe a special meeting would be difficult to arrange. Can I have an opinion on whether or not he has the authority to essential reverse the action of the Board and if reconsideration, amending or rescinding the motion is an option? Thanks!
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