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Found 20 results

  1. Is a motion to reconsider a vote appropriately considered during "old business" as listed on the meeting agenda, or does an agenda need to specifically identify the motion to reconsider will be considered?
  2. RONR, p. 316 lines 1-6 state two things: 1) that a member who voted by ballot with the prevailing side may move to reconsider if he is willing to waive the secrecy of his ballot, and 2) if the motion to be reconsidered was adopted by unanimous consent, all members present at the time qualify to move to reconsider. However, in the Study Guide for NAP Registration, p. 64, question #369 it indicates that only #1 above is correct and therefore, #2 as I have noted it above, must be incorrect. The way I read RONR, it is also possible for someone to move to reconsider if they were present when the mo
  3. A motion to fix the time to which to adjourn is made when in the course of business it appears that there will not be an opportunity to introduce it as an incidental main motion. Later in the same meeting, business is completed earlier than anticipated and the motion to fix the time to which to adjourn is moved to be reconsidered. The question is can it be debated? Page 324 states: EFFECT OF ADOPTION OF THE MOTION TO RECONSIDER; RULES GOVERNING DEBATE ON THE RECONSIDERATION. The effect of the adoption of the motion to Reconsider is immediately to place before the assembly again the questi
  4. Hi all, I have a technical question regarding this motion. What happens to the motion to reconsider and enter on the minutes if 1) the meeting when this motion was raise has adjourned; and 2) when this motion was raised at the meeting it was seconded but the individual raising the motion did not indicate whether he/she was in the affirmative for the initial vote of the reconsidering motion and the chair also did not follow in asking whether this person voted in the affirmative or not? Does this motion get dropped (due to incorrect procedure)? or Is this motion to reconsider deemed v
  5. Currently our church is in a re-organizational phase. 5 years ago we voted by 75% majority to join with 2 other churches and have a multi-site church system. At that time we were told that we could leave the group at anytime. The church body has decided that it want to leave the multi-site group. My question is that because we voted to join they group, do we also need to vote to leave the group before we proceed with the re-organization. Is it a simple majority vote to leave or does it requite a 2/3rds or 3/4s. Thank You Respectfully Grant Sork
  6. There is a 3 day long convention. If a reconsiderable motion is disposed of on day 1, on what days can a motion to reconsider be made?
  7. If a main motion and a subsidiary motion that was reconsiderable failed, does adopting motion to reconsider subsidiary motion after the main motion failed bring back main motion for consideration as well?
  8. Failed Motion At a Board meeting, a member of the Board made the following motion to create a “policy of the Board”: “All proposed bylaw amendments must be submitted to the Board of Trustees by the Bylaws Committee for the discussion, refinement and approval before being presented to the membership”. This motion failed with 2 ayes, 3 nays and 2 abstaining. My understanding is, as this motion failed, it cannot be brought before the Board again unless “reconsidered” by one member of the prevailing side. In addition, since the motion failed, there would be no basis to “rescind
  9. Hello, If an amendment to a motion is reconsidered after the passage or failure of the motion, does the main motion also get reconsidered?
  10. Is it true that the member who made the motion to reconsider is entitled to call it up if it cannot be considered on the day it is made?
  11. The executive board of my national organization dealt with a divisive and knotty issue during its recent 1-week quarterly meeting. In accordance with its custom in the type of issue being considered, the decision was reached by a voice ballot, which is to say that after extensive discussion, a general consensus was reached, and a voice yes-no vote on each component of the consensus arrived at was then taken (there were three components) from each member who was eligible to participate in the decision (our rules prohibit the participation of a member if a matter under consideration involves a r
  12. A friend of mine recently had to vote on a new contract for her place of business. Everyone who was to vote had to sign in to receive a ballot. The ballot total ended up being higher than the signature total by about 40 votes. The person who was in charge said that it was just a small error and count the extras in anyway. There were more "for" votes than "against" by about 30 votes so she wants to make a motion to reconsider. However, she was not on the prevailing side and does not think she can persuade anyone on the prevailing side to motion a reconsider. She mentioned it during the meeting
  13. A board was given new information about a motion adopted two weeks earlier. This motion was adopted at that meeting after being reconsidered. In the current meeting they moved to suspend the rules related to the motion to reconsider so they could reconsider the two weeks old motion. (I know, they should have used rescind, but their advisor [not me] told them they had to move to reconsider.) Their special rules allow them to "waive" their rules by a 4/5 vote. The vote to suspend the rules was unanimous. Can all the rules of reconsider be suspended at one time? If they are suspended, does
  14. Hi all, An issue came up during a recent meeting that could not be answered to satisfaction. A motion had been made, a particular amendment was moved, but failed. The main motion itself also failed. Later in the meeting, the body voted to reconsider the same main motion. The amendment that had failed during the previous consideration was again made, and the Chair ruled it out of order as the amendment had already failed during the prior consideration. The Chair was appealed, but no rule could be found to refute the Chair's ruling, and it stood. Is a motion to amend a reconsidered motion in
  15. After 2 months of research and study, our BOE unanimously voted to build a new school instead of remodeling. We had Board elections and 3 new members have been voted in who want to stop the design of the new school and change direction to remodel the old school. We have spent nearly $400,000 which will be wasted if they indeed change the course of the new school. Can they do this?
  16. At a meeting late last year a motion to do X passed. On the agenda for the next meeting, which took place recently, were, among other things, a motion to amend X (to provide more specifics for how it would work) and after that a motion to rescind X. The motion to amend X passed, and the hour was late, so the chair postponed the rest of the business to the next meeting. My question is this: Is it in order for the motion to rescind to come up after an affirmative vote to amend? RONR (11th ed.) states on p. 307: "A negative vote on these motions [to amend or rescind] can be reconsidered, but not
  17. How would you explain the difference between rescind and reconisder? With a general understanding, how would you debate on each? I don't see the difference in the way you would debate reconsider/rescind, particularly in an FFA demo. Is it debated the same way? An example would be awesome, but any clarification is appreciated. Thanks!
  18. RR states that to make a motion to reconsider a motion, one must have voted on the prevailing side regarding the original motion. If the vote for the original motion was blind, with nobody knowing for certain who voted one way or another, how is one to verify whether the individual making the motion to reconsider the motion actually was on the prevailing side of the original vote?
  19. I recently joined an executive board. It is contentious, disorganized, and the presiding officer thinks it is her board under her authority. She blocks and obstructs progress, gossips, ignores the members, and is very snotty. I wish I hadn't joined but I am a member and feel terrible for the rest of our members. I refuse to quit and insist on making some sort of progress. At our last General Membership Meeting on Oct. 11, a motion passed for Executive Board Members to attend a one-day Executive Board Training. The vote was unanimous with many general members voting, although the (presidin
  20. I am a Board member of a HOA. At our last meeting in early September, the Board approved a motion directing my committee to hire an attorney for the purpose of getting a legal interpretation regarding one of our covenants. At this point in time, the committee has three attorney's listed to contact - though no formal contact has taken place. Since the meeting, as the Chair I have received several emails from the Board president, who did not support the vote. The latest emails direct the committee to not pursue the board action any further based on his concerns regarding what repercussions s
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