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Found 2 results

  1. Guest

    Minutes and motions

    I have tried to find but ... when you are doing the minutes for a meeting, I believe it is important to record not only who made the motion but also who seconded the motion. I have heard that the second does not need to be put in the minutes. Is that true? Thanks!
  2. I was recently asked to serve as Secretary to a condominium corporation. The minutes currently record only the resolutions adopted, as the board members wish to 'speak only as a single unified voice'. My concern is that our board members wish to remain anonymous, do not allow a record the votes to be kept (ie. tally of votes for and against), and will not allow a minority opinion to be recorded. They do so, because our minutes are available to condo owners and they do not want to show any division among the board members. I feel this goes against our responsibility to keep an accurate ac
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