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Found 6 results

  1. It was moved today in a motion by my board... that I should recuse my duties as secretary and then leave the meeting concerning personal conflict of interest. My son-in-law is currently our Executive Director and I usually abstain from voting when issues about his job arise. However the Personnel committee on their own without board approval fired my son-in-law so we were currently figuring out how to proceed in a legal way with the board approval. Currently I'm acting Secretary of a Board of Directors for a non-profit organization. I have Robert's Rules here with me but can't find anything on this subject of recusal. Could they not have just asked me to leave? Instead of making a formal motion and asking everyone to vote? I still represent the membership in my area... so was their voice not counted in this matter of policy and procedure? I'm totally not hurt about having the afternoon off instead of working through the afternoon in another meeting. I just want to know what the procedure is.
  2. I just went through a planning commission public hearing and the vice chair recused himself. He then was allowed to present the Special Use permit to his own commission for approval. His client was the developer that will construct the 17 acre complex. There was no disclosure of the conflict. The City attorney said that if he is recused he becomes an ordinary citizen and can perform as a project engineer and do the presentation. What are your thoughts on this? I can’t believe it happened!
  3. If a voting board member recuses themselves due to conflict of interest, is it necessary for them to disclose the specific nature of their conflict?
  4. Under Robert's Rules, is there such thing as a recusal in the case of a conflict of interest? If an individual in the voting assembly has a conflict of interest, would the individual be required to leave the room prior to discussion (or will he/she be allowed to participate in discussion so long as the conflict is announced)? If so, would the individual be removed from the quorum? If not, what would be the proper procedure to address a conflict of interest? Will the individual recuse or abstain?
  5. rsl


    If a person recuses herself from a presentation in a meeting, can she be counted as part of the quorum for the vote on that item? The situation was that a committee member recused herself from hearing a case because she worked for the applicant. In order to establish a quorum, the committee later counted her vote as an abstention. What are Robert's Rules?
  6. Good afternoon, Recently, a member of a small Commission (6 people) that I serve as staff for asked the following: Is there a difference between an abstention and a recusal (which, based on what I've read so far is to not vote because of a conflict of interest)? I was not sure of the answer. As I explained, I equated an abstention with a simple non-vote (covering a number of circumstances), while a recusal was a conflict of interest. However, it seems as if a member's recusal is not specified in Robert's Rules - only a non-vote in conflict of interest circumstances. If a member had a conflict of interest and did not vote, would abstention be a suitable description? Or, should their "non-vote" be described differently. Thank you, Meghan
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