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Found 4 results

  1. The Executive Committee accepted the report of the Constitution Committee and voted that the bylaws revision (extensive) be made the special order for the upcoming Board of Directors meeting. (Board President presides at Executive Committee meetings and creates agenda for board meetings.) Can an Executive Committee member make a motion at a subsequent Executive Committee meeting to refer the revised bylaws back to the Constitution Committee in order to keep the revised bylaws from being voted on at the board meeting?
  2. Our bylaws say that committees, standing or special, shall be appointed by the president as the corporation or the board of directors shall from time to time deem necessary to carry on the work of the corporation. Question: Is the membership nonetheless able to refer a matter not falling within the scope of any existing committee to a new special committee and direct the appointment of certain members?
  3. Guest

    Refer without Return

    Our bylaws specify a chain of command, as such, with the highest at the left: Referendum -> Meeting of General Membership -> Council -> Executive Committee The motion to refer seems to be used only for further study, yet we have used it a) To send a decision to the General Membership that Council didn't feel comfortable making (e.g. an extraordinarily large funding request) to send a decision BACK to Council if the GM has decided that they are happy to let Council make the final decision. Clearly, neither of these uses is applicable to the motion Refer. What motion should then be us
  4. Guest

    Refer to a committee

    Need a little direction from folks with more experience than I. I made a motion . It was seconded. Another member motioned that it be refered to a committe and he volunterred to head the committee. [Note: Our board consists of 8 members] I volunterred to be on the committe as did one other board member. Results were to be presented back to the full board at the next monthly meeting. Two weeks later the 3rd member of the committe started an e-mail discussion between the 3 committee members. Everyone, [myself and the 3rd member] but the committee chair participated in the conversation by email
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