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Found 3 results

  1. The Student Union I represent held a referendum back in 1991 to create a levy that students would pay over the term of 30 years for a new student centre building. The 30 year loan will be paid off in year 28 but the student centre is taking on a new capital project that is associated with the building that will take 2 years to complete. The cost of this new project is being lumped into the 30 year loan with a refinancing from my university. Our Union has been asked if we could extend the levy past the 30 year term even though the loan will have been paid off. Within Roberts Rules, do I need to hold a new referendum to continue this levy or can my board vote to extend the levy past the 30 year term since the loan will now not be paid off? Thank you,
  2. What is the ruling if there is no by-law within the organization that requires a referendum result to be ratified? One of my Universities student unions held a referendum that had a result that is now subject to a declared ratification but no where in our by-laws does it call for one. If it is not in the by-laws or our constitution do we need to ratify?
  3. Question. Can a previously passed motion which had a expiration date be rescinded after that time period had past? This relates to the context of a student referendum issue. The council is trying to say they no longer hold a position/opinion on a issue but had already voted in favour prior to the closing date of that referendum. So now have flipped flopped but the referendum has closed. Is this a valid motion?
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