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Found 2 results

  1. The club bylaws include the following requirement for regular meetings: "Notice of the time and place of such meetings shall be sent to each Active member at least ten days in advance of the meeting date." Meeting times and dates are posted on the club bulletin board and on an online calendar. Through a fault of the secretary, notice was sent by e-mail 8 days in advance of the meeting date. A quorum was present on the meeting date, and the chair called the meeting to order. A member than raised a point of order, noting that insufficient notice had been given so that the meeting was invalid and could be conducted for informational purposes only: no votes could be taken, and no business transacted. The chair found the point of order not well taken. The objecting member appealed. The chair called for a vote on the point of order. Before that vote could be taken, the objecting member asserted that there could be no vote because the meeting was invalid. Since nobody in the room had sufficient knowledge of Robert's Rules, the point was conceded, and the meeting was held for informational purposes only. Could it have been possible to affirm the chair's ruling by majority vote of those present, and continue the meeting as scheduled? Thanks for your help.
  2. At our last regular board meeting, we set the date and agenda for a special meeting. Our president was not at that regular meeting, and there is a desire to approve the minutes of that meeting in addition to dealing with the two items of business included in the notice of call for the special meeting. Is it possible to "suspend the rules" and allow the approval of the minutes of the last regular meeting to take place at the upcoming special meeting?
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