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Found 2 results

  1. I recently attended my Republican County Assembly as a delegate for my precinct and an issue came up that I would like to hear some experts opinion on. Since I am a layman regarding parliamentary proceedings please excuse any layman terms I may use unintentionally. I arrived at the Assembly and there was a table with many clipboards on it that people could use to nominate themselves as delegates. There was a State District, House District, Judicial District, and Congressional District. I nominated myself for the State District delegate position by signing the State Delegate clipboard. After si
  2. In January a motion was passed by our Board that affects the school. Many parents of students were displeased by the measure. One of the key members was not present when it was presented. It passed 8-2. After a lot of back and forth sideline discussion it was decided that at our next meeting the missing individual would be able to present his facts. He feels if he had been able to do so at the meeting, the motion would not have been passed in such haste. Can the motion be brought back, or can a new motion be presented to rescind the previously passed motion? Most of the members seem to a
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