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Found 2 results

  1. A number of members of an organization have queried the BOD on a sensitive financial issue involving the Treasurer. BOD has called special meeting to discuss issues and possible actions. Minutes of the bi-monthly BOD meetings are available to members via archive in a members web portal. Special meetings (less disciplinary actions) have been archived. All regular BOD motions are logged and archived numerically. The meeting will be called to order, and anticipate will go into executive session without objection. Also anticipate that action will be "move that the VP respond and provide Report A, Appendix I, etc." If the motion is offered in executive session, how does the action get archived? Is there a report by the Recording Secretary for the meeting minutes something like. 'During executive session the BOD adopted motion XXX-13 directing ...etc. Or does the BOD come out of executive session, president restates motion and vote is taken, and minutes reflect the action, just not the discussion? Thanks, JJ
  2. At the beginning of our meetings, the CEO presents a binder of information labelled "correspondence received" and expects us to adopt it as submitted, without summary, even though none of the board members has seen much of it until it is dropped on the table. Our we able to request that all correspondence be read aloud to us before we vote on its adoption? What is our responsibility after having adopted it? Are we at risk for not being aware of its contents?
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