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Found 5 results

  1. Guest

    Reporting on Reports

    Our committee and staff members submit written reports at our board meetings, which they read aloud and then submit to me to file (as a piece of paper) with the minutes. In the minutes, instead of re-writing the information, I refer to attachments of the minutes and state the title of the document. Do these reports need to be kept as separate documents with the minutes, or can the members report verbally, and then submit their report, typed, for me to submit as their report in the actual text of the minutes? Thanks!
  2. I am a new member of a medium sized organization (55+) that meets monthly. Each committee chair submits and presents a report during each meeting. Most of the reports include recommendations that require a vote by the membership. As the report is being given, the president stops the committee chair at each recommendation and calls for a member to "make a recommendation" in favor of the recommendation (I know .. I was dizzy too). She then asks for a second "to that recommendation" and then a vote is taken "to recommend". When another new member said "I move that .... ", the president corrected
  3. A chair requested that the officers' reports be submitted to the secretary one week before the meeting. Can the chair do this or has the chair exceeded his authority? Where is this covered in Robert's Rules of Order?
  4. I sit on a church council. At a Council Meeting, the personnel committee chair presented a report of allegations of improper conduct by the Pastor. The, as of yet unapproved, minutes include these allegations. I understand that the minutes are to be a record of the business taken, e.g. giving a report. Is a separate motion needed for the content of the report to be entered into the minutes? Is the fact that the charges haven't been investigated relevant to this issue.
  5. I was told that a committee report is actually a motion. I tried to look this up in Robert's Rules and couldn't find anything that said that. I understand that a motion is a statement or resolution to take some action, etc, which usually is seconded, discussed and voted on. None of this occurs with a committee report, for example, membership chair reporting on number of members, status of dues collection and so forth. Thank you for your help.
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