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Found 5 results

  1. Jamies

    Rescinded motions

    I belong to a board that consists of 9 board members, so a small assembly. I am questioning the validity of a rescinded motion that took place. At a previous board meeting, four individual motions were made regarding an event. At the next board meeting, a motion to rescind the previous motion and go with the person's recommendations who made the motion to rescind was made. This person was not a part of the original motion as they are new to the board. My questions are: 1) is the rescinded motion a valid motion as the person making the rescinded motion was not part of the board that made the original motion? 2) Is the rescinded motion valid if it's a general motion to rescind based on recommendations and does not address each of the 4 original motions individually? Thank you.
  2. A special board meeting is called for tonight to make a decision on a topic that wasn't on the agenda of the regular monthly board meeting last week. Two directors want to add another item to the agenda: to reconsider and possibly rescind a motion made at the last regular board meeting. Of those two, one wasn't at the last meeting and one was, but is unable to attend tonight. So in summary, out of eight directors, two directors will not be at the meeting (they were are the last meeting and voted in favour although one is asking to reconsider) and two directors who were not at the last meeting will be there tonight. There are no new developments or information on the topic since the regular board meeting. I don't know if you need to know the topic, but here it is. Our housing co-op is getting the exterior repainted by professional painters. Some cats are spraying or peeing on the newly painted buildings and our painters are telling us that the paint cannot dry or cure properly. The board decided to ask all cat owners to keep their cats indoors for the next two weeks to allow time for the paint to cure properly. Some members with outdoor cats who are against that decision have written the board, the board reviewed their letters at the last board meeting and replied. The members have written again with no new information. Thanks for any advice.
  3. Can the Chair suspend an adopted motion that may violate the bylaws? The motion that was adopted may or may not be a "policy statement." Until the definition of a policy statement is determined, the Chair would like to suspend the decision and any action. The Board meeting via conference call was Thursday night, so it is too late to reconsider the motion. Our bylaws state that a unanimous decision is required for policy statements. While there was a clear majority, this was not a unanimous decision. Without getting too specific, the motion reads, "I move that the (named org) join the (another org.) in support of House bill __ and Senate bill ___." A Board member read a definition and it made it sound like it was not a policy statement. Another definition did make it sound like a policy statement, but the Board did not vote on which definition to use. Is there a definition for policy statement that is commonly accepted and what is the source? If this is in violation of the bylaws, what do we need to do to rescind or void this motion? Thank you!
  4. Can a motion that was carried at a previous meeting be rescinded at a subsequent meeting?
  5. Our nonprofit voted in Nov. 2011 to pay the membership dues for a contractor doing work at our place. The vote was for a $50 prorated membership. Prorated memberships are from Dec. 1st to Mar. 31st. The contractor did not apply for this prorated membership. In Feb., 2012, the contractor is now applying for an annual membership of $70. Some members feel the contractor should pay the difference since he failed to act on the prorated offer. Some feel that we agreed in principal to pay for the membership in full. Some don't like the contractor and want the offer rescinded. (If the contractor had followed through on the Prorated dues offer in Dec, he would now be paying $45 for 12 months membership) I have researched my copy of the Robert's Rules Book and am getting confused. What I have so far: With notice, a majority can rescind Without notice, 2/3rds approval is needed to rescind. Votes cannot be rescinded after the oparty has been informed of the fact, like a contract. It appears that amending the original motion to include provision of who pays the extra $20 membership fee (us or the contractor) would be the best way to go. Any ideas?