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  1. I'm the VP of a dog club. We are working on a bylaws revision. We held a special meeting (by Zoom) to discuss the current revision from the bylaws committee. I was under the impression that it was their final revision. At that meeting, the bylaws Chair logged out when the meeting was starting. I, who was facilitating the meeting as VP (by virtue of understanding Zoom) made the statement, "The Bylaws Committee Moves the Adoption of the Bylaws Revision." Shortly thereafter, the Bylaws Chair joined the meeting. We then went through every change, discussed, etc. and at the end took a form
  2. Guest

    Motion to rescind

    In a small body (9 members) who may offer a motion to rescind a prior non unanimous adopted measure?
  3. Guest

    Amend a main motion

    At the June meeting a motion was placed to pay an assessment on or before September 19th. September 19th is the first meeting of the Fall and there are no meetings in July and August. At the meeting in September a group of members want to bring an amend something previously adopted to change the date to later in the year. Some of the membership would have already paid the assessment because of the due date and now some of the members what to change it on the same day it's due. Is the September date too late to make any changes to the motion adopted in June?
  4. Our school board has an issue that comes up every year that units fury on both sides within the community. 3 Years ago a motion was passed containing a stipulation that this issue can be revisited if, because of the decision, local funds will be in jeopardy. The provision has not happened. . Can the motion be rescinded even though the stipulation as to when allowing it is to be revisited has not happened?
  5. Does the following section apply to employees? ACTIONS THAT CANNOT BE RESCINDED OR AMENDED. The motions to Rescind and to Amend Something Previously Adopted are not in order under the following circumstances: a) When it has previously been moved to reconsider the vote on the main motion, and the question can be reached by calling up the motion to Reconsider (37). When something has been done, as a result of the vote on the main motion, that is impossible to undo. (The unexecuted part of an order, however, can be rescinded or amended.) c) When a resignation has been
  6. A question has arisen. An action is taken at a general membership meeting of the garden club, which is held monthly. At a later meeting, a member moves to Rescind the previously adopted motion, with no notice. During debate, the motion to Rescind is postponed to the subsequent meeting. Does the mere act of postponement to the next meeting constitute "notice," and does the vote requirement on the motion to Rescind now take a majority vote instead of 2/3? Thanks! Kay
  7. Given: At the previous meeting, a main motion (MM) was made, debated for a while, then properly postponed to the current meeting, with no time set. At the current meeting, before reaching General Orders (when MM would normally be taken up), is it proper to move to rescind the (previously adopted) subsidiary motion to Postpone? If so, and if the Rescind motion was adopted (2/3 vote required), what would be the status of MM? (I have my own answers - so what else is new? - but let's see where this goes.)
  8. Hello helpful ones: I am secretary for a three member board. We are required to have one meeting per year, but must submit our minutes to a governmental authority to be published. Given the length of time between meetings and the possibility that there may be completely different members at the next meeting, the board has always approved its minutes before distribution rather than wait a year to approve them at the next annual meeting. Our latest minutes included a handout which the governmental authority determined had several inaccuracies. That authority will not post the inaccurat
  9. Our group has voted to approve an action without thinking it through. No action has been taken yet. The person making the motion wants to rescind it. My opinion is that a recision can be done on any motion or order where irretrievable actions or decision have not been taken. I use Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised 11th Edition. Where can I find information supporting my opinion? Thank you very much.
  10. Our county held a first and second reading for a rezoning request in January. At the second reading there was a motion and second to rezone the property, and the vote was 3 in favor, 4 against. Our county has a 12 month moratorium on requesting a rezone the same parcel, and the type of zoning (PDD) will not exist after the 12 month moratorium, so we assumed the property would not be rezoned PDD. Now our county has an interest in rezoning the property before the 12 months is complete (developer donating some land), and the county decided to bring back the rezoning request by rescinding
  11. Is there a proper procedure to call a legally posted meeting that has been motioned to adjourn and voted in the affirmative to adjourn - back into session because an action on an item was not taken during that original session. See attached meeting minutes. I was told that it is proper to make a motion to rescind the motion to adjourn. I felt this was incorrect as to make a motion, there must be a open meeting from which a motion could be properly recorded. We were officially out-of-session. We proceeded back into session by a motion to rescind, took the missed action, then adjourne
  12. A vote was called and ruled upon based with a majority vote. Now a member of the majority has resigned. Can the replacement member make a motion (maybe under new businesses) to revoke the past vote? Or does it need to be a sitting member of the majority from the existing vote.
  13. Failed Motion At a Board meeting, a member of the Board made the following motion to create a “policy of the Board”: “All proposed bylaw amendments must be submitted to the Board of Trustees by the Bylaws Committee for the discussion, refinement and approval before being presented to the membership”. This motion failed with 2 ayes, 3 nays and 2 abstaining. My understanding is, as this motion failed, it cannot be brought before the Board again unless “reconsidered” by one member of the prevailing side. In addition, since the motion failed, there would be no basis to “rescind
  14. At a recent General Meeting of our incorporated association, a motion that was I believe badly worded was passed. My belief is that the positive result of the vote on the motion might be used to validate a future action of our association's Council, when in fact all it did was record the view of those members who voted for the motion, that a claimed legal conflict between our Constitution and some of our Standing Orders did not exist. At the meeting, I gave notice of my intent to move a motion to rescind the passed motion at the next General Meeting. My intention was to prevent Council and oth
  15. A club elected board member is bullying the rest of the board. How can he be rescinded?
  16. At a recent executive BOD meeting, during an executive session, a motion was passed to remove a steward from their position. There was confidential information shared during this BOD meeting that cannot be shared with the general membership. The steward was officially removed from their position. Can the General Membership rescind this motion after the steward was already removed, without knowing the confidential information that led to his removal?
  17. Hello, Have a question I could use so feedback on. In our organization, a new board just took office, composed primarily of new individuals. As one of their first actions in office, they want to rescind an action taken by the previous board. Is it in order for a new board of officers to rescind an action of a previous board of officers? If so, I have a follow-up. Robert's Rules state that votes "cannot be rescinded after something has been done as a result of that vote that the assembly cannot undo." What would that constitute? For example, let's say an national organization wanted t
  18. Some background information before I get to the issue at hand: Our Local Union holds split shift Regular Membership Meetings. We have a 3rd shift meeting at 7:30 and a 2nd shift meeting at 12:30 and a 1st shift meeting at 3:00 pm. Okay. Now we are bound by the following UAW Constitutional directives listed in our UAW Constitution: Article 37 Duties and Powers of Subordinate Bodies Section 4 Shift meetings Where Local Unions hold shift meeting the following rules must be observed: Where the first meeting introduces and passes a motion, the subsequent meetings cannot table the motion.
  19. Please note letter "b." in the Q-and-A. Q. How did it come to be that the authorship team of RONR came to the decision that one cannot rescind a defeated motion? That is, how did the authorship team reason that Henry Martyn Robert was wrong in 1923?
  20. The executive board of my national organization dealt with a divisive and knotty issue during its recent 1-week quarterly meeting. In accordance with its custom in the type of issue being considered, the decision was reached by a voice ballot, which is to say that after extensive discussion, a general consensus was reached, and a voice yes-no vote on each component of the consensus arrived at was then taken (there were three components) from each member who was eligible to participate in the decision (our rules prohibit the participation of a member if a matter under consideration involves a r
  21. Guest

    Board Resignations

    Following some "less than proper" behavior by several members and officers of our organization, several of our elected board members (including the Chairperson) sent their resignations to the remainder of the board via email. Now after cooling off, these board members wish to withdraw their resignations and remain on the board. According to RRoO, it is my belief that they can do this. Am I correct? Does any action need to be taken? i.e. - Do we need a motion to NOT accept the resignations? Can our next meeting proceed with the elected Chairperson running the meeting?
  22. our association has some 20 motions ,properly adopted over the years by the membership,at general membership meetings, about our travel policies. some rules and motions are strictly monetary [ spending limits], others are not [ have to do with proper behaviour, ec]. the board reviewed the full set of existing motions, left some intact, rescinded others, revised, combined etc. some now claim that this is an act of amendment of something previously adopted, and as such has to be voted on by the membership. But the parliamentarian ruled that the board's vote is enough. the bylaws say: " Power
  23. Our club considered a motion to support the formation of a provisional committee and to fund that undertaking with a certain amount of money. The motion was seconded and discussion took place. When discussion was completed the president inadvertantly and incorrectly restated the motion (leaving out the funding part) and called for a vote. The motion, as incorrectly stated, passed unanimously. The meeting minutes were published (not adopted) and questions have arisen as to what was passed; the original motion or the incorrectly stated one. The member who made the original motion seems to
  24. The board of directors passed a motion to fire one of our employees. Can the membership at the Annual General Meeting pass a motion to rescind the board's decision and reinstate the employee? How should the motion read and would it need a 2/3 majority vote or a reglar majority?
  25. A council wants to start all over again in the decision making process because they realized a week or so after the meeting at which they adopted a motion that they had violated some of their citizen input rules. To me, it is clear that the time limits to reconsider the motion have expired and that a motion to rescind should now be made at their next meeting to cancel their decision. However, their attorney is advising them differently - but that is not relevant to the question. The question is: Can a decision once rescinded come back as the same question before the assembly at a later time?
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