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Found 9 results

  1. I volunteer with a Fire Department in Montgomery County MD and we had an issue at a recent meeting. At our December meeting we hold elections, the bylaws state that nominations will open in October and close in November. We had someone that was nominated in October but in November it was determined that they didn't meet the qualifications for the position. The December meeting came and in the middle of elections a member made a motion to hold the election, even though nominations were closed, the motion passed and the elections took place. My belief is that this violated the bylaws as nominations can't take place in December as defined by the bylaws, can the membership make a motion like this? At the January membership meeting a motion was made to reconsider the motion and then rescind the motion. Would this be the proper way to do it or can you just rescind the motion? If I read it correctly if it happens at the meeting it must obtain a 2/3's majority vote, but if it is posted before hand it only requires a majority vote. Thank you for any help or advise Matt
  2. I'm the VP of a dog club. We are working on a bylaws revision. We held a special meeting (by Zoom) to discuss the current revision from the bylaws committee. I was under the impression that it was their final revision. At that meeting, the bylaws Chair logged out when the meeting was starting. I, who was facilitating the meeting as VP (by virtue of understanding Zoom) made the statement, "The Bylaws Committee Moves the Adoption of the Bylaws Revision." Shortly thereafter, the Bylaws Chair joined the meeting. We then went through every change, discussed, etc. and at the end took a formal vote on the motion on the floor. The motion was defeated 1 to 10. There was no motion to recommit to the committee and I then stated that the Bylaws Committee was hereby dissolved (there were too many changes and the board has other pressing matters to deal with). After the meeting there are emails from the Bylaws Chair stating that The committee did not move the adoption of the bylaws revision, and were unhappy they were dissolved (they have historically, reportedly, been a standing committee, but it is not listed as a standing committee in our bylaws). So I have several questions: First, how do we correct the motion I made? Can only the bylaws committee move the adoption of the revision, or can any board member? Should I rescind the motion? Which, in effect would cancel the whole thing, the final vote, and the dissolution of the committee - correct? We do want the discussion to be applicable to future bylaws work. In addition, we now have (actually we had before this) an adversarial relationship with the bylaws committee. In order to appoint a new committee we would have to discharge this one, correct? Thank you for helping me find the most appropriate means to remedy this problem from a Robert's Rules perspective.
  3. Guest

    Motion to rescind

    In a small body (9 members) who may offer a motion to rescind a prior non unanimous adopted measure?
  4. Guest

    Amend a main motion

    At the June meeting a motion was placed to pay an assessment on or before September 19th. September 19th is the first meeting of the Fall and there are no meetings in July and August. At the meeting in September a group of members want to bring an amend something previously adopted to change the date to later in the year. Some of the membership would have already paid the assessment because of the due date and now some of the members what to change it on the same day it's due. Is the September date too late to make any changes to the motion adopted in June?
  5. Our school board has an issue that comes up every year that units fury on both sides within the community. 3 Years ago a motion was passed containing a stipulation that this issue can be revisited if, because of the decision, local funds will be in jeopardy. The provision has not happened. . Can the motion be rescinded even though the stipulation as to when allowing it is to be revisited has not happened?
  6. Does the following section apply to employees? ACTIONS THAT CANNOT BE RESCINDED OR AMENDED. The motions to Rescind and to Amend Something Previously Adopted are not in order under the following circumstances: a) When it has previously been moved to reconsider the vote on the main motion, and the question can be reached by calling up the motion to Reconsider (37). When something has been done, as a result of the vote on the main motion, that is impossible to undo. (The unexecuted part of an order, however, can be rescinded or amended.) c) When a resignation has been acted upon, or a person has been elected to or expelled from membership or office, and the person was present or has been officially notified of the action. (The only way to reverse an expulsion is to follow whatever procedure is prescribed by the bylaws for admission or reinstatement. For the case of an election, see pp. 653–54 regarding removal of a person from office.)
  7. A question has arisen. An action is taken at a general membership meeting of the garden club, which is held monthly. At a later meeting, a member moves to Rescind the previously adopted motion, with no notice. During debate, the motion to Rescind is postponed to the subsequent meeting. Does the mere act of postponement to the next meeting constitute "notice," and does the vote requirement on the motion to Rescind now take a majority vote instead of 2/3? Thanks! Kay
  8. Given: At the previous meeting, a main motion (MM) was made, debated for a while, then properly postponed to the current meeting, with no time set. At the current meeting, before reaching General Orders (when MM would normally be taken up), is it proper to move to rescind the (previously adopted) subsidiary motion to Postpone? If so, and if the Rescind motion was adopted (2/3 vote required), what would be the status of MM? (I have my own answers - so what else is new? - but let's see where this goes.)
  9. Hello helpful ones: I am secretary for a three member board. We are required to have one meeting per year, but must submit our minutes to a governmental authority to be published. Given the length of time between meetings and the possibility that there may be completely different members at the next meeting, the board has always approved its minutes before distribution rather than wait a year to approve them at the next annual meeting. Our latest minutes included a handout which the governmental authority determined had several inaccuracies. That authority will not post the inaccurate handout and wants the information to be corrected or rescinded. The board unanimously agreed, via email, that it wants to issue amended minutes that would rescind the handout. (The State in which we live allows "electronic" meetings if they are agreed to by all board members.) Do I write new minutes for the electronic meeting showing the board rescinded the handout for the previous minutes, then amend the previous minutes and send them out with the new minutes? Or do I rewrite the previous minutes, indicating they are "amended" and note that the handout was rescinded by unanimous agreement of all board members. (Sorry if this seems obvious to everyone, but this is my first time writing minutes and I'm confused.) Thank you ahead of time.
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