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  1. At a recent General Meeting of our incorporated association, a motion that was I believe badly worded was passed. My belief is that the positive result of the vote on the motion might be used to validate a future action of our association's Council, when in fact all it did was record the view of those members who voted for the motion, that a claimed legal conflict between our Constitution and some of our Standing Orders did not exist. At the meeting, I gave notice of my intent to move a motion to rescind the passed motion at the next General Meeting. My intention was to prevent Council and others from taking an irreversible action that used the vote on the motion as proof of that action's validity, until such time as the rescission motion was decided or Council took action to change either the Standing Orders or have the members vote (in a Special General Meeting) to change the constitution so as to remove any doubt about the existence or otherwise of the claimed conflict. Our Constitution and the legislation under which our association is registered make no mention of the rescission motion process, and because the vast majority of our voting has to be done by post or pre-determined proxy, use of a motion to reconsider was impractical. Our Council has now announced their intent to proceed with an action that would involve conducting contests, issuing medals etc. etc., claiming that the decision on the motion now under notice of rescission validates that action. They have advised me that it is totally within Council's power to do whatever it wants. They claim that my Notice has no control over their actions. My question is: Just what are the rules during the period between a Notice to move Rescission being given and the Rescission Motion being decided (or the Notice withdrawn)?
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