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Found 6 results

  1. This topic has already been dealt with, I know, but I would appreciate your thoughts on our specific situation... Our President resigned prior to the AGM but had expected to serve as Past President. Several members of the Board insisted Robert's Rules gave them the authority to appoint a Past President (who is, in fact, a previous PP.) They said if the President had wanted to serve as PP he would have had to make a formal request to do so. They did not, however, inform the (resigning) President of this requirement. Is this indeed part of Robert's Rules or is it Board members' folk law?
  2. To elect a new V.P. and Treasurer (interim) until November of this year, dos voting have to be done by ballot?
  3. Guest


    Member of the the board, Not officer, stated they resign in email to the group. Can it not be accepted until the next assembly? Or is a leter to the member to be drafted stating that the resignation is accepted? Can an officer accept the resignation or does the whole board need to vote?
  4. So we had our company elections for board members(3 positions available 5 people on ballot). Elections begin at 8am and conclude at 7pm when company meeting begins and election officals count during meeting. During said meeting and before vote counting has concluded one person on ballot resigns organization. When results are posted the person who resigned would have been in tie with one other person for last available position. My question, should we have a special election for that one spot or should the person who the tie was forged with be awarded the position?
  5. There is a possibility at our annual general meeting that if a former board member gets elected this year, most of the board will immediately resign, state their reasons and walk out of the meeting. I am concerned we will then not have enough board members to form a quorum to hold a board meeting, and no one to chair, record minutes, sign cheques, pay bills, etc. Effectively our club will cease to be able to do business. Here are my questions should these newly elected officers and board directors resign and walk out: Can someone make a motion to have the board member causing these resignations to be removed from their elected position (if they won`t resign of their own accord). Does the membership vote to accept or reject all of these resignations (I assume a simple majority is needed). If the resignations are accepted do we hold a new election immediately while we have the membership altogether. What do we do if we cannot fill out the board to achieve a quorum for board meetings.
  6. What happens if the President and VP both resign? We have a Secretary and Treasurer left as officers.
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