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Found 14 results

  1. We recently had a sub-committee chair resign. No one volunteered to replace the chairman. The club President stepped in and took over the committee chairmans position and voted. By-laws state that the President is a ex-offico member of all committees. Question #1 - should the President have done this? Question #2 - should the Main committee chair have taken over as the sub-committee chair? Thank you for your consideration of this question.
  2. We are on a board of directors and our Treasurer resigned...the Secretary was elected as the Treasurer and then resigned as Secretary because we are not allowed to hold more then one position on the board. We now have no Secretary!! Don't we need to have a secretary (we are in the state of New Jersey). Can the Treasurer be elected as Acting-Secretary until someone else wants the job? Our convention is coming up...can someone be appointed as the Convention Secretary and not just as recorder? Thanks!
  3. If the BOD has asked one of it's members to resign due to violation of the "Code of Conduct", does the BOD need to vote to accept the resignation? If so, is the member in question eligible to vote?
  4. Our Nominating Committee slated a person in a Director Position (3 year appointment) and that persopn was duly elected. Our subsidiary corporation was in need of Officers and this Director was a better fit for that position. According to our by-laws an officer or director cannot sit on both boards except for the Presidents of both Boards. The Director has submitted his resignation. In our by-laws, a director who has resigned is replaced with a simple majority vote of the board of directors and serves until the next election. Since the director has not been formally installed, can we not ha
  5. In the heat of the moment. I took it upon myself to resign for myself and my husband. I was the secretary and he was a voting member.He did not willingly want to resign. He would like to be reinstated as a voting member. Can you point me in the right direction or tell me what article we can use to get his reistated. Thank you
  6. The President, Vice-President, and Manager resigned leaving only the Treasurer in office. What is the order of succession?
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    In our club if a motion is put forth to change the bylaws it cannot be voted upon until the next meeting. The person that brought forth a motion to change the bylaws would like to resign however she is not sure if that will affect the motion. She will withold her resignation if a resignation will jepardize the moving forward of the motion. Can she resign now without affecting the furthering of the motion?
  8. One of five board members gave advance notice of resignation, effective today. Member attended today's meeting and participated in voting on a replacement. Is this a valid vote? I can find nothing in our By-Laws nor RONR formum questions that deal with this.
  9. I have a question about resignations, but can't find any specific details in Roberts' Rules. In our not-for-profit organization, the membership elects directors, then afterwards the directors elect the executive officers (president, secretary, treasurer, and vice-chair). We also have a past president position which is not elected. Last week, our president resigned from their president's position, but he wants to remain the past president. Is this possible? Or does his resignation mean that he is not eligible to serve as past president because he resigned from the board? Our constitution has no
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    If we don't have any specifications in our bylaws for resignations, what is the correct way to handle them for board members? Do we have to "accept" resignation by vote? We haven't done this with past board members. It has always been if they send in writing a resignation, it was just accepted and the positions filled, never a vote. DESPERATE insight needed.
  11. Our President Elect was promoted and is moving out of state. Her name has been approved by the membership to be on the ballot to be voted on at the next General meeting. It is not general knowledge that she is moving and cannot fulfill her term. In our bylaws, either she turns in her resignation to the Secretary and her name is withdrawn from the slate, or she remains on the slate and resigns after elections. Our bylaws stipulate the BOD-elect fills her position after elections, or the Nominations committee finds another candidate, in the 5 days left before the next General meeting....IMPO
  12. Hello, I have served nine months as Student Government President of a small Community College. Two weeks ago, during our planning day meeting there was a major outburst from our Vice President. As I was trying to calm her down, I heard our adviser also yelling. At first I was relieved, thinking she was telling the VP to stop, but she was actually joining her in berating our Treasurer over a presumed slight. This happened in front of three brand new senators. This outburst is the last in a string of miscommunication, power struggling, and general unease in our organization (much of it instigate
  13. Hi all. An officer of our organization resigned today. He stated in his letter that it was effective 5 days in the future. The president is concerned that he future dated it, and will continue to have access to organizational resources in the interim. Does a resignation have to be immediate, or can it be future dated? Thanks.
  14. If a board member whose term ends in one year resigns and runs for a seat that does not expire for another two years, is this allowed? Is it disallowed because he is trying to extend his term illegally or because he is trying to avoid running against whoever also comes up next term?
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