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Found 12 results

  1. *** URGENT *** An Executive Board Member Resigned from their position during our last meeting. Their goal was to add themselves as a candidate for a different Board Position but because the window for making a lateral move was closed, they had to resign and take the chance to not get voted in again. So they resign, stated they understood the consequences and the board accepted their resignation. Following this, the board went ahead and continued on with usual business with this person still in the meeting and weighing in on things they no longer had a say in, Further, when the board moved on to voting in new candidates into Executive Positions, this non board member voted on every item. I have tried to discuss this with our parliamentarian who won't even take my calls. I know this was a direct violation of not only bylaws but RRO as well. What can be done to get this handled post haste and am I citing Section 46 on Voting? Thanks in advance.
  2. Background - Our board president has resigned and the resignation has been accepted by the board. Our constitution & bylaws state that either the immediate past president or president elect can assume the vacated position. The board consulted with the immediate past president and president elect and unanimously voted to have the immediate past president assume the title of board president. Question - our constitution & bylaws have no language regarding what, if any, role a president who resigns should have on the executive council. It's the opinion of some members that the president who resigned should retain his position on the executive council as immediate past president. It's the opinion of other members that the president who resigned no longer has any position on the board or executive council. Absent any specific language in our constitution & bylaws, does RONR offer any guidance as to whether a president who resigns mid-term should retain a position on the executive council as immediate past president or should vacate all positions on the executive council. I hope I'm being clear. If not, I'll be glad to elaborate. I appreciate any guidance you're willing to share.
  3. I am currently the President of a 5-member Board of Directors for a senior housing cooperative in Minnesota. The other officers are a Vice-President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. The term of office for all officers is one year. There are seven months left in that period. Yesterday, for personal and/or health reasons, our Vice President has submitted her letter of immediate resignation from the Board and therefore also from her office as our Vice President. Five months ago, the five officers were elected in the order of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer. When the Vice Presidency becomes vacant, does RONR require or recommend a re-election of 1) all four officers, 2) the Vice President and the two officers elected after the Vice-President (i.e. the Secretary, and the Treasurer), 3) only the Vice President, or 4) something else? If the answer is #3, can one of the current other officers be elected to the Vice Presidency, thus vacating their current office office? The By-Laws state: "The principal officers of the corporation shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, all of whom shall be elected by and from the Board of Directors." "The principal officers of the Corporation shall be elected annually by the Board of Directors at the Organizational Meeting of the Board and shall hold office at the pleasure of the Board."
  4. Between board meetings, we have had 3 members of our board resign due to conflicts on the board. As a nonprofit, what is the process that needs to be done if they have submitted their resignations via email and will not be at the next meeting? A few are asking to see the emails. I am under the impression that we just need to make the resignations noted on the minutes and the board acknowledge them. We do not have anything in our bylaws on how to handle this situation. Thank you for your prompt assistance.
  5. Guest


    I resigned in early spring. The group that I belonged to did not fill my position and another vacancy on the Board. It is my understanding that they cannot get a quorum to have meetings. I don't think there was a quorum to hear my resignation. Does the resignation still stand? Is there any case previously for a reinstatement of membership or rescind the resignation or do I have to go through the process as a new member? Thank you for commenting! HC
  6. President resigned, vice president stepped up to fill the spot . The question is, for how long does the vice hold the position ?. Our club holds election every year , President and directors positions are 2 year positions and it is staggered so only half come up for re election each year. The president's position is not due for re-election until this fall 2019. Does the vice president hold this position until 2019 or is it shortened and put in for a vote in this years election fall 2018 ? Our bylaws do not address this problem .
  7. Our association elects a new Vice President every year in late spring for a one year term. He/She then automatically elevates to the position of President the following year. The current VP is thinking of taking a job beginning Fall 2018 that would preclude his ongoing membership in the Association, which means he would also not be able to serve as President next year. Under our Bylaws, any vacancy in an elected position can be filled by President, with the approval of the Executive Board. There are no provisions for special elections, and we have never had a President who was not Vice-President the year before. Assuming the current VP accepts the new position: 1. If he does not resign before the end of this year, does the membership or President even have the power to replace him before his term ends? 2. If he does resign before spring elections, is it proper for the President to appoint a replacement, given that the new appointee would then become president? (the concern is having an unelected President who would have been VP for just a few weeks before elevating to President). 3. Alternately, can we hold a special election to fill the position of President for next Fall, and can we place any restrictions on who may run (e.g. "only past presidents" since they would not need the training that comes with being VP the previous year). Thanks! Paul
  8. I have had the position of president for 6 months, I have been asked to resign by the discipline due to "lack of trust" or be suspended. if i resign do i still hold position of past president?
  9. To clarify a earlier question: Roberts Rules re: Actions that Cannot be Reversed a,b,c says "unexecuted parts of action can be reversed/rescinded". A bod member resigned. Accepted by board and posted as "effective 5/27/17". Bod member then changed mind. Board accepted and cancelled resignation. Now members are saying/ complaining the bod didnt follow Roberts'. Is the reversal valid under the above as "unexecuted parts of action" since the effective date hasnt arrived? Thank you!
  10. President of nonprofit member organization (board term 7/1/16 - 6/30/18) resigned March 2017. Bylaws do not state how to replace president mid-term. Current VPs have declined the position. Do we solicit nominations and put forth a ballot to the membership?
  11. A 5 member school board generally follows Robert's Rules (the bylaws are woefully inadequate and make no mention of resignations). One member had a recall election pending, and on the last day possible, he tendered his resignation to the Superintendent and the Election Officer. This was good enough for the Election Officer, who cancelled the election. But the school requires his resignation to be accepted by the school board. The semi-recalled board member convinced 2 other members to follow him out the door (turning resignation letters in to the Superintendent, but refusing to attend a meeting), leaving only 2 members who cannot make a quorum. If the member had been forcibly removed from his position, would it still need to be accepted by the board? Because his resignation was tendered to the Election Officer, does that change anything? Could his spot be appointed outside of session by the Board President due to his removal? Is there anything that can be done in this situation?
  12. Guest

    President resigns

    Our President resigned and as stated in the bylaws a single vacancy "may be filled" by a vote of the remaining executive board (6 of 7 elected positions). A majority voted to allow the Vice President to be both acting President and Vice President. There is no provision for a member of the executive board to hold two positions. Our group is governed by bylaws first and then by Robert's Rules of Order. Can the Vice President fill both positions? Or does the Vice President give up that position when promoted to President, thus creating a vacancy?
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