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Found 12 results

  1. Is the Board or a single Board Member of an HOA allowed to accept the resignation of a fellow Board Member if that Board member was elected by the membership?
  2. Can a Texas School Board Trustee resign , resignation was received by Superintendent, then 4 days later be the 4th member of the quorum at a meeting to accept her resignation and appoint her replacement? 3 other members were unavailable for the meeting.
  3. If half of the Board members are resigning after their term, do they get to vote on their replacements and the new upcoming officers?
  4. My committee/organization has a set the business quorum to 50% plus 1. Recently one of the members resigned prior to the regularly scheduled meeting. When does the quorum adjust?Does the quorum remain the same for the regularly scheduled meeting? Does the quorum change once the member submits the resignation?Can the meeting be called to order if the current quorum is not met because of the resignation?Should we vote to accept the resignation and change the quorum to reflect the new membership number and conduct business?Are we required to vote on a resignation of a committee member?
  5. Recently, our mayor said that a board member resigned and he the brought up another member to be voted on to take his place. The board did not receive any written or verbal from the resigning board member. Is this legal?
  6. The Chair of our organization has resigned. Our bylaws call for an election to fill the remainder of the term. The question is: if other officers wish to run for the Chair position, must they resign their seats in order to run? For example, would the Treasurer need to resign to run for Chair, therefor resulting in an election for Chair and Treasurer at the same time? Could the Treasurer then run for both the Chair and the Treasurer seat -- in order to keep the Treasurer seat if he/she lost the election for Chair? An issue is that if an officer wins the Chair seat, then their seat is open and
  7. Our organization has an Executive Committee consisting of Pres, 1st VP, 2nd VP, Secretary, Teasurer and Ex-Officio Past Pres. The Bylaws authorize the Executive Committee "to transact business for the membership...and to appoint replacements in their numbers as necessary." It also states who assumes the Pres duties in the absence of the Pres - the 1st VP, the Pres and the 1st VP absent then the 2nd VP assumes the duties. On August 29 - the 1st VP resigned and sent it directly to the Pres. The Pres then proceeded to designate an appointee to the position. She did not call for a meeting of
  8. I need your help, again! Our President resigned via email then Our 1st VP resigned via email. Our by laws state "in the event of a vacancy in the office of the 1st Vice President, the President shall appoint a replacement subject to the approval of the other Executive Board Members. I think the Past President(Parliamentarian) chose the 1st VP because the President had resigned. The board was just notified that our new 1st VP was so and so and there was no approval. There is nothing in our Constitution about our President resigning and who should replace her. She was also installed by the Parl
  9. Both the President and Vice President have announced their intentions to resign. If their resignations are accepted at the same meeting, but the President's has a provision for a later effective date (after the state annual meeting a week later), can the President still appoint a new VP before the effective date of her resignation? If the elected VP resigns effective later than the President, then she would automatically become President, right? (even though she does not want that position either) Then SHE would tender her resignation and there would be no president until a special election wa
  10. Guest


    Can an officer who resigned at the beginning of his term, run again, when his replacement resigns during the same term? If so, can someone direct me to where I can find this in writing? Thanks!!
  11. If a board president resigns effective immediately and the bylaws simply state the vp shall take the duties of president until filled, then does an official nomination and vote need to take place to move the VP into the Pres position?
  12. Guest

    Executive walks off

    Belong to a non-profit organization, what do you do if the President, Secretary, Treasurer and 5 out of the 9 directors all walk off / resign at the same time?
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